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  • Super pay, super model

    Her beauty recommended her for playing Ursula Andress in "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers". But which role fit her best? I guess it was the one in "The Devil Wears Prada", which was most close to what she does best: modeling.

    And it is not just an opinion, as in 2007, Forbes told the world what we already suspected: that Heidi is among the best paid super-models. Appearing on television shows, like "Spin City", or "Sex and the City", is beneficial for Heidi's career. She manages to stay in the spotlight, and she makes big money while doing it.
  • The next Christie Brinkley!

    I think she is very pretty and I think that she has the potential for being the next Christie Brinkley. As well as after having all of those kids, I think that she looks good and does a good job at staying thin as well as staying healthy in order to keep her day job! Can't believe that she can find time to work and still have a personal life as some have failed at that. But she is an amazing woman and I hope to see more of her in the not too distant future. She has an amazing future ahead of her if she does the right things and given the right selections.
  • Heidi is a model who turns actress and show host

    Heidi is such a great gal too bad all of her children by two differenrt men are ugly as **** I guess the saying was too that you really can not have everything because we can all she that she doesn't. But do not get me wrong I love her and her hit show Project Runway. I love watching the designers and models go at it evey week until Fashion Week. I wish they would show reruns of season three, that was by far my favorite season yet. The designers had so much personality this last season. And the models we hot too.
  • Heidi Klum is gorgeous, after a few kids she still looks amazing.

    Heidi Klum wow whats there to say about her she's amazing. She is my idol. She is an amazing model. She looks great. She's very talented. And I love love love her accent. My mom thinks she's cute. but she's older than me so I just think she's great at what she does. Her and Seal are a great couple. Heidi on Project Runway she's always wearing the best clothes. To me when I see her im thinking wow she has it all, the looks the money, the talent. \she's not super skinny like Jessica Simpson and Nicole richie. she's the ideal weight for her age. Thats why I like her so much, shes happy to be who she is.
  • She is so sweet!

    Heidi Klum is awesome. I know I'm a girl, but she's HOT! Wouldn't wanna date her since I'm a girl, but she is SO PRETTY! Heidi is beautiful and thats why shes a supermodel. She married a rapper and is the sweetest little woman! I even like her name. Heidi. A pretty name! Did anyone see her Oscar dress? It was gorgeous just like her! She is so pretty and so was her dress. It was light robins egg blue and touched the ground. I dunno if she got an Oscar but if she didn't she should have! Heidi Klum looked so sexy!
  • Delightful reality host, becoming less delightful.

    I simply adored Heidi Klum as the host in the first season of Project Runway. Her charming accent and lovely, glowing face were always a positive part of this fantastic show. Unfortunately, however, she seems to be trying really, really hard to hide her accent on the new season of Project Runway. Did some crazy focus group say that the accent should go? If so, this one person focus group says, bring it back! The accent is really what sets her apart from other hosts like Tyra Banks. Although I suppose her crazily enormous baby-belly sets her apart these days too. Pregnant women on reality tv? Now I've seen everything.
  • Wonderful lady!

    She had said she is not an 80 pound skinny model, she is the way women should look. She ranked in Loaded's Hot 100 Babes. As she appears in Project Runway, she also host for that show as a slew of 12 amateur fashion designers compete for their chance to win big with a fashion contract and a place at New York's infamous Olympus Fashion Week. And to me, she is not just beautiful, she is also has the down-to-earth personality and charisma.