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  • One half of the stick-sister duo, Heidi played it below the radar and became the less-disliked member of the pair.

    What to say about Heidi?!

    I have serious doubts that Heidi is, in real life, as ditsy and dopey as she was portrayed on the show. Some people get a tough deal and I think Heidi was one of them. Don't get me wrong, the girl is not a champion player or an outstanding personality on the show, but she did provide excellent tv and demonstrated enough of a strategy to justify her being there towards the end.

    Heidi realized very quickly that her greatest assets were not going to be assets at all in the game. In fact, they were quickly going to become good enough reasons for the rest of the women to vote her out. Unlike her friend Jenna, who continued to flaunt herself showing a confidence that I couldn't have justified, Heidi tried to make herself invisible, shielding herself behind Jenna, the boys and anyone else who would take the heat for her.

    This was a useful and effective strategy and it worked well for most of the game. I believe that she must also have been a somewhat lovable person, because her friendship with Jenna would have been enough of a reason to vote her out otherwise.

    Heidi did not shine, however, in the way that Jenna did. I think the environment and the hardships of the game really took their toll on Heidi, and she was tiring towards the end, especially as her options fast ran out.

    Heidi was good tv though, when combined with her stick-sister Jenna. She was perfect for this unusual season.