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    • On the TV anime, Eden's Bowy, Hekiru wrote the lyrics and performed the 2 opening theme songs. The first song is entitled "Everlasting Train (Owarinaki Tabibito)" and begins episodes 1-15, and the second opening is called "You're Gonna Change to the Flower (Akai Hana)" and begins episodes 16-26.

    • Shiina stands in at 152cm (5 feet, 0 inches) tall, weighs approximately 38kg (84 lbs), and has a shoe size of 22cm (size 6 in womens).

    • Hekiru has done voice work in several Japanese video games including Uz in Princess Maker Yumemiru Yousei, Hikaru Shidou in Magic Knight Rayearth, Makoto in Para Para Paradise, and Ruuruu in Shinjuku Labyrinth.

    • In October of 1997, Shiina started 2 radio shows: "Miracle Browser", which ended in September of 1998, and "Deeper Street", which ended in March of 1998.

    • With her seiyuu group "Hummingbird", Shiina was on the cover of Voice Animage magazine.

    • Shiina was apart of a 5 person seiyuu group called "Hummingbird". The other group members included Kotono Mitsuishi, Sakiko Tamagawa, Yuri Amano, and Fumie Kusachi. These ladies are the voice actresses in the anime, Idol Boueitai Hummingbird. The group eventually broke up after 3 years together.

    • Shiina is not a big fan of meat and doesn't eat it very often. She used to really dislike beef.

    • Cats are one of Hekiru's favorite animals.

    • On a radio show, Shiina mentioned that she would always get very embarassed while she performed at her concerts and her male fans in the front rows would start stripping to the waist.

    • Shiina was once part a band called Hekibands.

    • Since the beginning of her career, Shiina has fought to portray the image she wanted people to see. After the release of her first album, she really worked on changing the styles of her songs. She became extremely involved with her CD, Baby blue eyes, to allow her to select the songs she wanted herself.

    • During March of 1995, Shiina's official fan club, 4179*LOVE, was established.

    • In October of 1995 Shiina launched two radio programs, Suppin Smile and Shine in Naked. Both programs have ended.

    • One of Shiina's goals was to perform at Nippon Budoukan, the largest concert hall in Tokyo, Japan with a capacity of 9000 people. A little under two years after her very first concert, she fullfilled this goal.

    • Although Shiina has a very bubbly, fun, and outgoing personality, she is very serious and strives hard to improve on her work and performances.

    • Whenever Shiina goes on tour, she will wander off to go on walks. Sometimes her staff is afraid that she will get lost.

    • Shiina has admitted that she thinks of herself as ditzy and an airhead.

    • Shiina has announced on one of her radio shows that she prefers briefs over boxers.

    • While cooking, Shiina would use a recipe, but never completely follow the instructions. She did this to add variety, as well as her own personal touch, to her creations.

    • Shiina says that if she hadn't become a seiyuu, she would have thought about maybe running a cake or flower shop.

    • Shiina is known to be deficient in mechanics. She has mistaken a heating switch for a light switch in a hotel she once stayed in, almost causing her to freeze.

    • Hekiru's three sizes are 77-58-83.

    • Love is very important to Shiina, and she wants to get married one day when the right person comes along. She wants someone who can support and protect her. Her ideal marriage is one where she and her husband have grown old together but still loving each other as much as the day they got married.

    • During the winter, Shiina often wears three pairs of socks and different-sized shoes. Sometimes, both at the same time.

    • Although Shiina hates cold weather, she enjoys snow and seeing everything covered in it, looking pure white.

    • During March of 1995, Shiina began her very first concert tour called Starting Legend.

    • On August 21, 1994, Shiina released her very first album entitled Shiena. This album contained 10 tracks.

      Other albums by Hekiru:
      2nd Respiration - released April 1, 1995 (10 tracks)
      3rd No Make Girl - released October 1, 1995 (10 tracks)
      4th with a will - released December 12, 1996 (11 tracks)
      5th Baby blue eyes - released February 1, 1998 (11 tracks)
      6th Face to Face - released January 21, 1999 (12 tracks)
      7th RIGHT BESIDE YOU - released March 8, 2000 (10 tracks)
      8th PRECIOUS GARDEN - released February 7, 2001 (11 tracks)
      9th Sadistic Pink - released March 13, 2002 (11 tracks)
      10th 10 Carat - released March 12, 2003 (10 tracks)
      11th Wings of Time - released April 7, 2004 (10 tracks)
      12th Clear Sky - released June 22, 2005 (11 tracks)
      13th Rockin' for Love - released February 21, 2007 (11 tracks)

    • A few of the things that Shiina dislikes are bugs, natural disasters, boat rides, and getting drunk.

    • Shiina enjoys reading manga, especially Weekly Shonen Jump, and watching anime. Because of her interest in these, her fans can relate to her more. Also, she loves watching Pro Wrestling and Samurai dramas.

    • Some of Shiina's favorite colors include pink, white, and blue.

    • One of Hekiru's strange "specialties" is her ability to talk to cats.

    • Because of her strange personality and odd questions out of the blue, many people have called her an alien. Shiina played on this and says she's from planet Hekiru and speaks "Hekiruian", acting like she really is from a completely different planet.

    • Some of the jobs Hekiru worked during her years of seiyuu training included a grocery store, where she unloaded produce off trucks and was a register clerk, and both a Chinese and Japanese style restaurant.

    • Some of Shiina's favorite foods are yogurt, teriyaki chicken, and ajinori(flavored seaweed). A few foods she dislikes are steak, ramen, and Shiruko(a sweet red-bean soup).

    • Shiina changed her first name to Hekiru to reflect her love of nature. Also, because of both her tomboyish and feminine qualities, she chose this name for it's neutrality in gender.

    • Along with her love of nature, Shiina's hobbies includes cooking, collecting strange items, taking walks, taking long baths, and smelling candles (especially vanilla and coconut scented candles).

    • Shiina is employed under the major talent agency, Arts Vision, and music label, Sony Music Records.

    • Shiina has bloodtype A.

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