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    • Helen: Wouldn't it be much more interesting to go and interview a scientist, don't you think? I don't really want to know about Hollywood stars and actors, because it's all the same. There's not that much mystery about it really.

    • Helen: (on not living in the US) I feel very British, very European. This is definitely my home and I don't want to go to the other side of the world. I like it here. I like knowing a culture intimately and having a history.

    • Helen: (on the most surprising thing that has happened to her, in November 2007 interview) Having three children. I never imagined I would do that or get to this stage of life. I never saw myself as proper grown up.

    • Helen: Childhood is pretty fantastic but every age has its moments of beauty.

    • Helen: (about being on "Friends") Being in the show was wonderful, but having had a glimpse of that notoriety, I thought: no thanks. It's great to be able to walk about London and not be chased.

    • Helen: (on becoming a film star) It's not a desperate desire. I don't lie in bed at night and go, 'God, I hope I'm a star'. But if it did happen, it wouldn't gall me, either.

    • Helen: (on the environment and the future of the planet) I just don't understand why we're not doing anything about it. It's like we're all trundling along thinking, huh, it's not going to happen. And unless we find some amazing way of eating carbon out of the atmosphere, it IS going to happen!

    • Helen: (on cosmetic surgery for her nose which she doesn't like) I'd never go under the knife for something so trivial.

    • Helen: I remember going to London with my friends after we'd seen Desperately Seeking Susan wearing my Dad's old paisley housecoat, some long johns and lots of crosses.

    • Helen: People are really stupid. They think you're serious and intelligent if you're a brunette with a pale complexion and a bit of a hooked nose. If you're blonde and pretty, they don't give you that sort of part. It's short-sighted and stupid, but that's how it goes.