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  • Helen Slater has proven to be one of the most favored actresses of her generation. As both a singer/songwriter, to compliment her endless acting talents, she is easily one of the most exquisite artists to be living and will have lived.

    Helen Slater is an incredibly beautiful woman, and has proven to be one of the most extraordinary artists over the past 22 years. Soaring into her professional career as the title character in the 1984 Fantasy/Adventure "Supergirl". The rest of the 1980's found her as an influential martyr in "The Legend Of Billie Jean", and as a strong leading lady in the two classic comedies "The Secret of My $uccess" and "Ruthless People". In the 1990's, she starred in critically acclaimed projects both big and small, such as the hit comedy "City Slickers", and a down-right funny guest star stint on "Caroline In The City". Soon though, she fizzled after a few good performances in programs that were less-than her abilites. She never left though, as she continued to showcase her style on television. In 2004, she won acclaim again as a stressed, frazzled out divorcee in the feature film "Seeing Other People" written by "Simpsons writer Wallace Walodarsky. Today, she performs both as an actress and musician, the latter being a talent she recently showcased. Her two albums are best-sellers where availible, and her concert performances are popular all over Los Angelos. Even more, she is popular all around from her first two feature films. Whether she knows it or not, she is loved by all. With a performing talent as endless as the great beyond, and a style of music to satisfy the most cynical of people, Helen has proven that she is simply the best. Her timing is terrific, and the way she presents her self is the way that makes you want to know more about her character, if not just her in general. Most people never think about how her dedication brings out her awsome presence. She is indeed, simply the best!