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    • Helio: A race is not won on the first lap. A car changes during a race.

    • Helio: (on how much of a race result is due to the driver) Eighty-percent driver, I think the last 20 percent is the team, or 30 percent because of pit stops.

    • Helio: The way boxers are ready to attack is the same way we must be ready to attack the steering wheel.

    • Helio: (on teammate Sam Hornish Jr.) I think I will learn a lot with Sam. He is an experienced driver even though he is young. He's been fast at a lot of tracks where we haven't done well so I hope to learn from him.

    • Helio: (on how other drivers have a tougher challenge than he does) They have to worry about finishing ahead of me. I have to just finish ahead of them.

    • Helio: (explaining why he spun the car at the 2006 Honda Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg) I was so excitied, I spun in my own drool.

    • Helio: You aren't going to be able to pass by going past the guy and keep going so it will take quite a while to set up a pass. I will follow him closely and wait for him to make a mistake before I can make the pass. I have a very good car for that. I will also be saving fuel and pick up positions in the pits so I have so many things on my side.

    • Helio: In a long race, if I'm worried about fatigue, my concentration is the first thing to go.