Hemky Madera





1/26/1977 , New York, USA

Birth Name

Hemky L. Madera




HEMKY MADERA initiated his acting career in 1998 in the Dominican Republic. He began with the television production of Grande Series Dominicas in the mini-series En la Olla. This was followed by Trio en Alta Mar. Alfonso Rodriguez directed both productions. He then arrived in New York and worked on Bookies' Lament. He then returned to the Dominican Republic, and became a member of the mini-series Asalto en la Lincoln. He worked on the American film, Dreaming of Julia, with such stars as Harvey Keitel, Gael Garcia-Bernal and Diana Bracho, portraying a young human rights crusader in the 1950s in Cuba. He was in the cast of the sit-com Los Electrolocos. Pantallas was his first play, and Inverse's 2002 production of Icarus & Aria was first theater project in the United States. Followed by Life is a Dream, The Mistress of the Inn In which he was review in the NY Times, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Blood Weddings, Midnight Brainwash Revival, The Feast of The Goat, Burning The Bridged, Belisa's Capriciousness. He wants to thank his parents and friends for their support.