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    • Henny was 6 feet 3 inches tall.

    • The New York Telephone Company used Henny's voice for it's Dial-A-Joke service in 1974, drawing 3 million calls a month.

    • Henny wrote a number of comedy books, including: Henny Youngman's 400 Travelling Salesmen's Jokes (1967),
      Take My Wife...Please! (1973), Bar bets, bar jokes, bar tricks (1974), Don't Put My Name On This Book (1975), Henny Youngman's Big Blue Bamboozle (1978), The Best Of Henny Youngman (1979), Henny Youngman's Giant Book Of Jokes (1983),
      Take My Jokes, Please (1983), Take This Book Please (1987),
      The World's Worst Jokes (1987),
      Five Hundred All-Time Greatest One-Liners (1988), Henny Youngman's 10,000 One-Liners: An Encyclopedia of One-Liners (1989), Henny Youngman's Book Of Jokes (1992), The Best Little Book of One-Liners (1992),
      Henny Youngman's 999 Greatest One-Liners (1994), and Henny Youngman's Big Book of Insults: More Than 300 Slights, Snubs, and Offensive Remarks from the King of the One-Liners (1995).

    • Henny printed a series of joke cards sold in gift shops before becoming a star. Milton Berle noticed them and asked him to come write for him.

    • Henny's 1991 autobiography is entitled "Take My Life, Please!"

    • Henny was named as "King of Brooklyn" at the Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival in 1988.

    • Depsite all of Henny's jokes about his wife, Sadie, they were happily married from 1928 until her death in 1987.

    • Henny Youngman: Take my wife, please. (his signature line)

    • Henny Youngman: My wife wanted to go on vacation. She asked me if I could take her to a place she had never been. I said, "How about the kitchen?"

    • Henny Youngman: Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

    • Henny's voice was used for an experimental cigarette vending machine in the early 1970s, that was tried out in New York City. It ultimately failed due to the expense of maintaining the playback device for Henny's voice, which would either have it's tape wear out or get damaged from rocking the machine with it's pullout handles to release the cigarette packs.

    • Henny worked as a printer's apprentice before going into comedy.

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