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    • Henny wrote a number of comedy books, including: Henny Youngman's 400 Travelling Salesmen's Jokes (1967),
      Take My Wife...Please! (1973), Bar bets, bar jokes, bar tricks (1974), Don't Put My Name On This Book (1975), Henny Youngman's Big Blue Bamboozle (1978), The Best Of Henny Youngman (1979), Henny Youngman's Giant Book Of Jokes (1983),
      Take My Jokes, Please (1983), Take This Book Please (1987),
      The World's Worst Jokes (1987),
      Five Hundred All-Time Greatest One-Liners (1988), Henny Youngman's 10,000 One-Liners: An Encyclopedia of One-Liners (1989), Henny Youngman's Book Of Jokes (1992), The Best Little Book of One-Liners (1992),
      Henny Youngman's 999 Greatest One-Liners (1994), and Henny Youngman's Big Book of Insults: More Than 300 Slights, Snubs, and Offensive Remarks from the King of the One-Liners (1995).