Henry Brandon





6/8/1912 , Berlin, Germany



Birth Name

Heinrich von Kleinbach




Henry Brandon was born Heinrich von Kleinbach on June 8, 1912, in Berlin, Germany. Brandon was a character actor that generally played the villain in whichever film or television show he starred. He was a common fixture in many Westerns due to his naturally gruff look. Usually he would play characters of other nationalities, which was a common practice at the time for certain character actors. Before going on to appear in over 100 films, Brandon got his start on Broadway like many actors have always done. His first appearance on the big screen was in 1932. In 1934 he starred as Silas Barnaby along with Laurel and Hardy in their film, Babes in Toyland, which took his career to the next level. Henry Brandon reached the peak of his popularity in 1958 when he starred in the film Auntie Mame. Sadly, on February 15, 1990, Henry Brandon died from a sudden heart attack. He will always be remembered as a legendary character actor.