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  • Henry Cavill, a man who Makes Love as well as ..... Hard.

    Henry Cavill's a true Brit. Elegant, charismatic, intelligent, and chiseled. Set to become a world renowned superhero on the release of Superman : Man of Steel, and a potential transition to BDSM Beast Christian Grey in an upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, he's certainly a man to watch out for... and oggle to death.

  • Henry Cavill is about to swing away at many high profile Hollywood acting engagements. Enter the 20th Century Fox release with Henry Cavill as The Woodsman in the upcoming film, "Red Riding Hood."

    Randal Kleiser's "Grease" is the top rated Movie Musical of all time. "Red Riding Hood" travels fearlesly into a forest filled with the danger that this exploration of living effects technology will "bite" back. All new 3D Virtual Reality Effects eminate an aural look, along with some fresh acting talent.

    Henry Cavill may not have gained the character assigned to James Bond for now. He does his part for England here.

    Master Cavill appears to be a bright young Star about to be discovered. He is joined by Morgan Thompson who plays "Red." The two create a stark yet whimsical Romantic duet.

    This Family Musical Movie fulfills many roles.