Henry Hull





10/3/1890 , Louisville, Kentucky, USA



Birth Name

Henry Vaughan




Henry Hull was an American actor whose career spanned six decades. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1890 and began appearing in movies at the age of 27. Early in his career he also starred in Broadway productions. His most celebrated theater role was that of Jester in the long-running Tobacco Road. In Hollywood, Hull mostly worked as a character actor playing supporting roles, although he occasionally acted in lead roles, as he did in the 1935 production of Werewolf in London. Among the 74 movies that Hull played in during his career, the standouts are the 1934 Great Expectations, in which he played Magwich, and Hichcock's Lifeboat. He guest-starred in TV shows Appointment with Adventure, The Outlaws and many others. Hull and his wife lived on a farm in Connecticut for over 30 years; when his wide died he emigrated to the UK to be close to his daughter's family. Hull retired from acting in 1966 and died in 1977.