Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick


4/17/1969, Trujillo, Peru

Birth Name

Henry Ian Cusick



Also Known As

Henry Ian, Henry Cusick
  • Robin Tunney and Henry Ian Cusick in The...
  • Robin Tunney and Henry Ian Cusick in The...
  • Henry Ian Cusick on Scandal.
  • Henry Ian Cusick behind the scenes of Lost.
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Born in Trujillo, Peru, Henry Ian Cusick is the son of a Roman Catholic Peruvian mother and a Scottish father of Irish Catholic descent. He was raised in Trinidad and Scotland and now lives in Hawaii with his wife Annie and their three sons. He has an extensive…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Henry's father is a minister and his uncle is a priest.

    • Henry once considered entering the seminary.

    • Henry and his family do not have a TV at home. He says that living by the sea, there is so much to do. He catches news and soccer, the only things he watches, online.

    • Henry has a feeling that his Lost character Desmond is going to die on the show. He says that characters on the show who have died have gotten great story lines and that dying is not such a bad thing since they can always come back.

    • He goes by his middle name, Ian.

    • Henry legally married his wife, Annie, on July 15, 2006. They live in Oahu, Hawaii with their three kids.

    • Henry is the only Scottish member in the cast of Lost.

    • Henry moved to Scotland when he was fifteen.

    • Henry says he met Carlton Cuse briefly and believes "a seed (was) planted, because they had been looking for either a Scottish or Irish character."

    • Henry admits that one reason he took the role of Lost was because he could use his own accent.

    • Some of Henry's film credits include After the Rain, 9/Tenths, Half Light and more famously The Gospel of John. He also played Sgt. Michael Clark in Murder Rooms and Matt in the British TV movie, Carla.

    • Some of Henry's theatrical credits include The Soldiers, Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Antony and Cleopatra, Richard II, Machine Wreckers, The LA Plays, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, The Birthday Party, The Dying Gaul and Angels in America.

    • He auditioned for the part of Desmond (on Lost) in London, sending in his audition tape to Los Angeles. After he was offered the part, producer Carlton Cuse saw that scripts were being sent to an address next door to his. It was then that CC remembered meeting HIC in his neighbours driveway several months earlier.

    • Henry was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2006 for his role in Lost as Desmond. He is nominated for 'Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series.'

    • The names on Henry's three sons are Elias, Lucas and Esau.

    • Henry was raised Roman Catholic and still is to this day.

    • Henry has appeared at the Edinburgh International Festival.

    • Henry has performed with The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal National Theatre, 7:84 Theatre Co. and the Citizens Theatre.

    • Henry was expelled from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama because of his partying ways. It was then that he joined the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre.

    • Henry's mother is Peruvian and his father is Scottish. HIC is fluent in Spanish.

    • Henry is 6' tall or 1.83m. He has hazel eyes.

  • Quotes

    • Henry: (on his character on "Lost", Desmond) I was supposed to do the episode arc and that was it. I got the last [episode] and I realized they hadn't killed me off.

    • Henry: (His favorite place to be) At the moment, I'm falling head over heels in love with Hawaii. I'm absolutely loving it. When I drive around, I always have my swimming trunks and towel in the car just in case I want to stop off and jump in the ocean.

    • Henry: (On being an American sex symbol) That's just the weirdest thing. I think it's great. It's silly as well. It's fairly obvious who the sexy guys on the show are. I've never been of that mold.

    • Henry: (On his "Lost" character, Desmond) I think Desmond probably had it harder than most...Being stuck [in the hatch] for three years... Desmond's been dealt a really bum hand.

    • Henry: The writers created a very fascinating character with Desmond, enigmatic, determined and with the ability to me woken up by some beeping every 108 minutes, certainly something I could never do.

    • Henry: I got my first professional job as an ASM understudy at the Citizens theatre, playing a polar bear in the Christmas panto, A wonderful place to work, I was then offered bigger and better parts, and here I am!

    • Henry: one day, someone came around asking if anyone was interested in joining the National Youth Theatre summer school in London. I was the only person in the whole school that said yes... did the worst audition ever recorded, but still managed to get in, as there were only three applicants from Scotland, one was a girl wearing a tutu carrying a huge hula hoop... and that was the start.

    • Henry: (When asked where he was when he found out he was nominated for an Emmy.) I was In my kitchen.... doing the dishes and making dinner while hoovering and ignoring the kids as I got ready to go to work.

    • Henry: It's nice to see something besides a cop or a medical drama on TV.

    • Henry: How fantastic is it to live and work in Hawaii? We haven't even unpacked, and the boys have already jumped in the pool in their underpants.

    • Henry: American law doesn't acknowledge common-law wives, so Annie (His wife) had no legal standing in the States. We had to get married for the visa (or) Annie would have had to come and go every three months.

    • Henry: (About his "Lost" character, Desmond) He is a decent man who has been dealt some bad ones but keeps on going.

    • Henry: (about "Lost") I get the scripts and I know they will be great. What they have given me so far is a dream. I have no reason to worry.

    • Henry: (About his "Lost" co-stars) I've been able to work closely with Matthew, Clancy, and Terry. All three of them have been brilliant to work with and it raises your game. It's like doing a little play.

    • Henry: Having read the scripts and the way it is going, I have no idea what they are going to do with Desmond. When I read the season two finale, it was a different direction that I was expecting. I expected more spiritual stuff, but it was a lot more action-packed for Desmond.

    • Henry: I love working with Terry. He was the first person I worked with when I arrived and I found him very welcoming, yet pretty quiet and contained. He's very generous as an actor.

    • Henry: I had no idea [Desmond] was even in the army! I thought he was a doctor or something to do with medicine. I was very, very surprised to see that he was in jail for cowardice, or at least that's what we think. I had no idea, Honestly

    • Henry: I am very happy with my own company. I could just about cope with being in the hatch myself.

    • Henry: We moved out here, my wife and my two kids. We wake up every morning smiling. It's finally sunk in that I'm now working on Lost and living in Hawaii. I can now relax into it and not worry that's it getting taken away from me, like I'm killed off or it was mistake!

    • Henry: Faith is faith, and you do it because you have faith. They all believed by pressing the button that they were saving the world. Like most people, they have moments of weakness. But it's completely normal to have faith, lose it, and then get it back.

    • Henry: (about his naked scene in the third season of "Lost") I had a G-string on, the more I wore it the more comfortable I felt. That can't be good can it?

  • Reencarnando Odiseo

    Alguien podría explicarme de donde salió Desmondo (o el actor que tan maravillosamente lo representa) y por qué recién ahora me topo con él? Uno de esos actores que te hacen abrir los ojos y llegar hasta el borde de la silla hasta que ya no te importe caerte. Una presencia destacada ayudada por ese acento tan particular (al menos para mí que soy argentino) y una belleza digna de un seductor (me animo a adivinarlo) de esos que te emborrachan de pasión con sólo una mirada o una palabra. Voto por él para cual premio sea. Espero verlo en alguna otra pantalla.moreless
  • Best known for Desmond on LOST

    We really didn't get to see much of Desmond but from what I did see, I could tell that he was a pretty good actor. Don't know if the accent is for real or not but if it isn't, he made it believable. I wish we could have seen more of him in Lost but I'm sure we will see more of him in upcoming seasons. (I am only on season three). I like his relation ship with the survivor. Even though he was considered an outsider, he tried to fit in without be overbearing. I will be looking forward to seeing him in season four.moreless