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  • Reencarnando Odiseo

    Alguien podría explicarme de donde salió Desmondo (o el actor que tan maravillosamente lo representa) y por qué recién ahora me topo con él? Uno de esos actores que te hacen abrir los ojos y llegar hasta el borde de la silla hasta que ya no te importe caerte. Una presencia destacada ayudada por ese acento tan particular (al menos para mí que soy argentino) y una belleza digna de un seductor (me animo a adivinarlo) de esos que te emborrachan de pasión con sólo una mirada o una palabra. Voto por él para cual premio sea. Espero verlo en alguna otra pantalla.
  • Best known for Desmond on LOST

    We really didn't get to see much of Desmond but from what I did see, I could tell that he was a pretty good actor. Don't know if the accent is for real or not but if it isn't, he made it believable. I wish we could have seen more of him in Lost but I'm sure we will see more of him in upcoming seasons. (I am only on season three). I like his relation ship with the survivor. Even though he was considered an outsider, he tried to fit in without be overbearing. I will be looking forward to seeing him in season four.
  • good actor...

    I've only seen Henry Ian Cusick in Lost so I can only judge his acting in that. He plays Desmond which is Scottish and has been stranded on the island for three years. He starts having visions and he can see into the future, which is pretty cool. I think Ian plays the character well. He's sort of an outcast, he's quiet, and he has a pretty awesome accent. Desmond is, actually, my favorite character on Lost and I really hope they don't kill him off any time soon. Anyways, I would love to see how Ian does in other roles, but he does pretty good in Lost. Now, after watching The Constant I believe Ian is an amazing actor. He did brilliant in the episode and really showed he was, by far, the best actor on the show. He really brings out the charcter. Great actor!
  • Okay guy

    I must first admit that I've never seen Henry Ian Cusick in anything else or heard of him in general, untill 'Lost' but I do imagine he has been great in anything else that he has done. I just find his character on 'Lost' though rather interesting and the secrets that he holds within himself, what's to come? I hope once 'Lost' has finished, Cusick will get other parts rolling in from other shows or films, because he probably deserves for that to happen. I don't know what I am saying, I am never very good at writing these reviews.
  • Great Job!

    This is the weirdest role on lost by far. This part on lost is really hard to play because you never know where he is going to go or what side he will end up on! This is a great character to get because everyone always looks at him and always follows him to see where he is going to end up next! Not only does he have a great character but with all the people of lost he does a great job of making lost the best show in the universe! He is great because he portrays the character and I really like watching him when he is on, although this season has been mostly about Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, I cant wait to see him again!
  • empty

    Henry Ian Cusick is extremely telented and I am so glad we have him on Lost as a main character as of season 3. When he was first introduced right at the beggining of season 2, we didn't know him but now we do and he is great. His character is entertaining and interesting.
  • empty

    One of the better characters on "Lost," as Desmond, Henry Ian Cusick adds even more great suspense to an already suspenseful show. His character just may be the key to getting off the island--well, his character's relationship with Penny that is.
  • Amazing on Lost.

    Talented indeed. Henry is, and has been my favourite character on Lost since he first appeared in Season 2. He creates a character that is mysterious, yet at the same time full of life, and brightens up the show when he comes on-screen. Besides from being amazing gorgeous, he has a wonderful Scottish accent, the only one on the show for that matter. If it were up to me, he would have gotten that Emmy he was nominated for. From the way he's acting in season 3, there's no doubt that he'll get nominated again.

    And, come on. Who DOESN'T love the "See ya in another life, brotha"?