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    • Three of his novels were filmed by Ismail Merchant and James Ivory: The Europeans (1978), The Bostonians (1984), and The Golden Bowl (2000).

    • His twelve stage plays all appeared in the mid 1890s. Eleven were in two collections (Theatricals, 1894, and Theatricals: Second Series, 1895) and then Guy Domville appeared on its own later in 1895.

    • He wrote three books autobiographical books, A Small Boy and Others (1913), Notes of a Son and Brother (1914) and The Middle Years (unfinished at his death, published 1917).

    • When James died, he left two unfinished novels, The Ivory Tower and The Sense of the Past. They were both published in 1917.

    • His first short story, A Tragedy of Error (1864), was published anonymously.

    • At the age of nineteen, he attended Harvard Law School for a few months, but quickly decided the law was not for him.

    • He was the brother of philosopher and psychologist William James.

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