Henry Morgan





3/31/1915 , New York, New York, USA



Birth Name

Henry Lerner Von Ost Jr.




Before there was Howard Stern, there was Henry Morgan. No topic was too taboo to joke about, and no sponsor was too invaluable to insult. Everything and everyone was fair game.

With a face for radio, he was given his own weekly television show, but after many reformatting trials, it was eventually laid to rest. His name had been added to the communist watch list due to his ex-wife's friendships, and it seemed like this could be the end for America's favorite curmudgeon.

Things seemed a bit bleak until Mark Goodson and Bill Todman approached him to appear as a panelist on their new show I've Got a Secret. Henry stayed with the show through it's entire run, and during one segment (the celebrity guest of the evening was future President Ronald Reagan), became the first man to appear on network television without his shirt on.

In 1978, he married his companion of a decade, Karen Sorensen, who had been Merv Griffin's personal assistant. This union lasted until Henry's passing in 1994.
No funeral was held at the time of his death, but a memorial party was held at the infamous Sardi's Restaurant in New York on June 7, 1994. His first and last autobiography was released a few months later, titled "Here's Morgan."