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  • The original "Bad Boy" of radio.

    Mere words cannot express my love and appreciation of Henry Morgan's life and career.
    In the 1940s, he had his own radio program, and routinely insulted his sponsors.
    I became obsessed with Mr. Morgan when I stumbled across "I've Got a Secret" late one night on the Game Show Network. That was about six years ago. His curmudgeonly ways mixed well with the boy next door charm of Bill Cullen, the slight flighty-ness of Betsy Palmer, and the beauty and seriousness of Bess Myerson.
    As with Oscar Levant, once I am past the level 1 stage, I will post trivia, quotes, and a more in depth biography of Mr. Morgan.
    I spent many years trying to track down Henry's widow, Karen, even contacting Karen's former employer, Merv Griffin. Mr. Griffin was kind enough to reply to my letter, but to my dismay, he had lost track of her after Henry's death in 1994.