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  • The Voice of Reason (sometimes)

    Anyone who really knows me knows I love Henry Rollins. I think the man is brilliant. Where I don't always agree with his views and his anger (which has tappered off in recent years), he has a way of saying things that I want to agree with him.
    Both Henry Rollins and Kevin Smith are men that I could listen to talk for hour upon hours and not get bored. They have way with words that makes even extremely offensive material seem humorous and okay.
    With that said, Henry hasn't always been blessed with the best rolls on tv or movies. Remember him in Bad Boys 2? You really don't? Well that's no big suprise. His commanding presence is often covered and held back in weak and small roles that even he can't bring to life.
    I'd love to see him as a lead character in a film or tv show, and hopefully we will sooner than later.