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  • I am writing this in regards not to Henry winkler\'s acting in which I grew up with, but for his outstanding talent in writing children\'s literature!!

    I have just finished listening to my youngest son Owen read outloud to me the first in the series about Hank Zipzer!!
    What an outstanding,warm and delightfully positive book about a boy who knows that he is not just like everyone else,and he is so totally ok with it!! This is a story for all young people and PARENTS to read !! Our children are not SUPPOSED to be exactly the same ,everyone IS different and has different abilities in all sorts of areas of life and when we pay positive attention to those abilities it feeds our children the self esteem they need to be happy little human beings and helps them to grow up into AWSOME parental human beings.
    Henry, The world needs more Hank Zipzers to tell their stories of how wonderful they are and what they contribute because everyone does contribute and it should be recognized!!
    Thanks for the Awsome read !!
    Owen and I will be starting the 2nd book very soon!!
    Maureen King
    Clovis California