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  • The golden girls

    Love him playing Stanley Zbornack at The Golden Girls. And i love how everytime when Dorothy open the door and see him, she always slam the door on him. RIP Herbe
  • Sooooo funny!!!

    I saw Herbe Edelman as Stan Zbornack on The Golden Girls countless amounts of times, and he was hilarious!!! He did one hell of a job playing a total yutz. I seriously doubt he was a yutz in real life. No, he was a great actor. It sucks that he died though. He was barely in his 60s. Too young to die! Man, his character Stan cracked me up! He said some of the funniest things! Oh my gosh! So many Stan moments! So many good laughs and smiles. I'm serious! He was so funny. Rest in peace Herb Edelman.