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Having trained as a dancer, Hermione Norris went on to work in the theatre, appearing in Chekhov's The Seagull at the Moscow Arts Theatre, Stephen Poliakoff's Blinded By The Sun at the National, and the world premiere of Ariel Dorfman's Reader at Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre. She is best…more


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    • Hermione: The bottom line is that there is a great need to stop the cycle of abuse and pain, and if we can protect our children better, society as a whole will benefit.

    • Hermione: I find it strange that as an actress I have some currency as a celebrity, and despite feeling that at present society's obsession with celebrity per se has gone too far - if I can use what influence I have to help a charity, then it must be a good thing.

    • Hermione: When I was asked to back the "End Child Abuse Deaths" campaign for the NSPCC, I said yes immediately. I've always wanted to work for the NSPCC. I've done the video for the NSPCC website about the Stop the Abuse campaign, I've been to visit an NSPCC centre when we were up in Manchester filming Cold Feet, and I'll turn up at fundraising events - anything that will help them.

    • Hermione: I don't have children myself and I was lucky enough to have been well cared for in my childhood. There's just something about a child's vulnerability that makes me want to help.

    • Hermione: I'd rather use my name to help children than to sell mascara

    • Hermione: (about the characters Carol and Tony in Wire In the Blood) I hope they don't ever get to kiss because I think it would ruin things. I know Robson too well now and I would be embarrassed!

    • Hermione: I enjoy crime thrillers, I think everybody loves trying to solve crime.

    • Hermione: Cold Feet ended and I feel I'm on a new chapter of my life. You can't go on and on and on if you want to end on a high like we did. It definitely finished at the right time.

    • (About the differences between her characters in Cold Feet and Wire in the blood)
      Hermione: Carol Jordan is special to me because she's such a contrast to Karen. It's also interesting to be in a drama where you deliver facts to push a story forward. It's different from playing psychological or emotional stuff, and that has been a challenge for me. I got a feeling from reading the scripts that Wire in the Blood would be good. I base all my decisions on what is in front of me and what I can do with the character. It was a page-turner and it's rare when you get a script that holds you to the end.