Hideo Ishikawa

Hideo Ishikawa


12/13/1969, Hyougo, Japan

Birth Name

Ishikawa, Hideo


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Sometimes nicknamed "Hide" or "Hide-chan", Hideo Ishikawa is a Japanese seiyuu known for the various roles he's played in anime and OAVs. Some of his most notable roles includes Jushiro Ukitake in Bleach, Itachi Uchiha in Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden and Stanislav Sokurov in Marginal Prince. Alongside his…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Uncredited Roles:

      Fullbody in One Piece
      Hiroto Kanazawa in La Corda D'Oro ~primo passo~
      Itachi Uchiha in Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden
      Satoru Tachibana in Platinumhugen Ordian
      Shion Toudou in Angel's Feather
      Dreadlock in Transformers: Cybertron
      Kazuki Shinatora in Ring ni Kakero

    • On the 2 episode OAV Sotsugyou M: Oretachi no Carnival, Hideo performed the ending theme "Heart wa Koukiatsu" along with fellow seiyuu Hikaru Midorikawa, Nobutoshi Canna, Daisuke Sakaguchi and Ryotaro Okiayu.

    • Hideo was part of a three-person singing group for a short period of time called "ROST". The other two members includes Rumi Kasahara and Miki Shin'ichirou.

    • On the two episode OAV Angel's Feather, Hideo performed the ending theme "LAST SONG" along with fellow seiyuu, Chihiro Suzuki.

    • Hideo's father used to work in public service and retired by the age of 57.

    • Hideo is married and has two kids.

    • Once when Hideo was in 5th or 6th grade, he found some ecchi magazines while in the park one day. Afterward he began looking forward to going to the park in hopes of finding another one, but the next time he did it had dog waste on it.

    • One of Hideo's old girfriends once suggested that he should practice his kissing using oranges. He however did not follow this suggestion.

    • Hideo has been a personality on three of his own radio shows including Dengeki Taishou, Sotsugyou M World M tte Saikou! and Anzu Jam (1998-1999).

    • During many of Hideo's E.M.U. performances he can be seen wearing a headband on stage. Otherwise his hair would come down and stick to his forehead with the sweat, which he'd rather avoid.

    • Hideo has made an appearance at numerous special events throughout his seiyuu career in Japan including his appearance at the "Tokyo Game Show '96" on August 22, 1996; the "Ninki Seiyuu Urawaza Misemasu" on May 4, 1997; the "Voice Festival 2000" on October 2-3, 1999; the "TBS Anime Festa 2003" on August 9-10, 2003 and the "G Festival in Osaka" on August 27, 2006.

    • Before becoming a seiyuu, Hideo attended and graduated from the University vocal department at the Tokyo cram school.

    • After voicing Auron in Final Fantasy X, Hideo has had more low-voiced roles; he has said that this has made producing a high voice more difficult for him.

    • Hideo Ishikawa is his stage name; his real name is Hiderou.

    • Hideo has appeared in several popular Japanese magazines in which he has done interviews, news/event reports, or photo shoots. Some such magazines he's appeared in includes several editions of Animedia, Ani Raji Grand Prix, Voice Animage, Seiyuu Grand Prix and Newtype, as well as numerous others.

    • Hideo performed the opening theme song "Heaven's door" and the ending theme "Moment" of the 2 episode OAV, Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee along with fellow seiyuu, Toshiyuki Morikawa.

    • Hideo stands in at 180 cm (5 feet, 11 inches) tall.

    • Hideo's blood type is O.

    • Hideo is part of a 5-man band called "E.M.U.", short for Entertainment Music Unit. The other 4 members includes Nobutoshi Hayashi, Hikaru Midorikawa, Ryoutarou Okiayu and Daisuke Sakaguchi. All 5 men are seiyuu from the Playstation game Sotsugyou M -Seito Kaichou no Karei naru Inbou.

    • Hideo worked for Aoni Production.

  • Quotes

    • Hideo: My father was studying to attend Bible Study meeting with the Hamlins which was held in Zushi every Sunday. Sometimes he asked me to drive to Zushi but I didn't attend the class, I just drove him there. At that time, my father didn't go to Church but my mother did every Sunday. I lived at home then and was very close to my father and had many opportunities to hear my father.

    • Hideo: Today I had a strange experience hearing my brother explain the scriptures. His voice resembles my father very much and sounded like my father was talking. I was very much impressed. When I heard my brother speaking, I thought that he had studied much more than I did and I feel that I am much behind and a bit ashamed of myself. Now I have a very nice feeling like my heart is growing and almost touching to my heart and a tear comes to my eyes.

    • Hideo: Once I saw a ghost while I was sleeping. Then when I woke up I was outside on my balcony with the door locked from the inside.

  • Hideo Ishikawa, the one-of-a-kind seiyuu (voice actor), has starred in many popular shows such as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. His voice is something that is truely unique, considering each character he plays dosen't have the same voice.moreless

    Hideo Ishikawa is a man with a unique, yet lovely voice. Ever since his first audition, Hideo has done an outstanding job giving a suitible voice for each character that he has played, whether it's the villian Uchiha Itachi (Naruto) or the carefree Jyuuchirou Ukitake (Bleach). Hideo has also taken the career as a musician, with genres that can range from rock to rap. He is one truely talented man who has (currently) starred in 36 anime roles, along with 24 non-anime roles, most of them being video games. As time passes by, we will hopefully be hearing more of his voice work in upcoming shows.moreless