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  • P. Saywer

    Hilarie Burton is so amazing i wish i couldve gone to a OTH reunion! she is by far one of my favorite actresses
  • I love Hilarie Burton

    Hilarie Burton is a really talented actress. I always thought she was great with the water works, as well as Sophia Bush and Holly Marie Combs. Hilarie is probably one of my favorite actresses. She is really excellent at playing any role in any show and her real life personality is pretty cool, in my opinion. I think she's really funny and she is also very nice and friendly. I wouldn't exactly say I look up to her as a role model or anything but I don't entirely think she's as bad as a lot of celebrities in the movie making world. She's probably one of the best.
  • One of the best actresses on One Tree Hill!

    Ok, so I'm a super big fan of Hilarie Burton. I love her portrayal of Peyton Sawyer in OTH. Her character is the reason I kept watching. To see that so much happens in the life of "Peyton" and all the weight she has to carry as a 17-22 year old young adult is pretty believable. I love her wittiness, her love for the arts, and the incredible album collection she has!!! lol And as much as I love Brooke and Lucas together, I love Lucas and Peyton together even more. I don't think Mark Schwan could have picked a better actress to play that character.
  • Hilarie Burton, a cute sassy girl who seems to work for what she has and earn so little rewards. I think she is famous for Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill. She deserves more attention than what she has.

    A true great actress and a true great person. She was first a TRL host and the original Susie Castillo, and then she became Peyton Sawyer. She is the dark cut girl form One Tree Hill. She has a great chemistry with the video camera and the audience. She guest starred in the show Dawson's Creek. She also starred in movies like Our Very Own, The List, Normal Adolescence Behavior (Havoc 2), and Solstice. She will be starring with Dakota Fanning in the movie The Secret Life of Bees. She is a great and beautiful actress. She needs to become someone bigger than want she is, unless she doesn't want to.
  • Hilary Burton only at the age of 25 I believe has turned into an amazing inspiring actor, who is destined for more great onscreen roles (as long as she stays on One Tree Hill in the process).

    Hilary Burton also known as Hilary Rose Burton or the H-Bomb is eldest and the most talented of 4 children and is an amazing gorgeous actor; she was born to play Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill. The only thing i can fault her on is her choice of 'boyfriend' in real life! She was totally meant to be with Chad Michael Murray their connection on screen is clear and off they would be perfect. I believe her role in One Tree Hill is just the beginning of her acting career; she'll definitely host her own television program or be in an amazing movie one day.
  • She's cool, she's smart, and she is awesome

    from what I've read, she seems so down to earth, so lively. I can connect with her when I read about what her high school was like. She hasn't let fame get to her,and thats a huge plus. She seems like she can pull of anything, and I want to see more shows with her in it. Of course, you have to keep OTH on the air for as long as possible! :P OTH wouldn't be the same without her. She's spunky, she's elegant, and she plays a character everyone can connect with. I think Peyton Sawyer fits her persona. I like characters and actresses that are plain down to earth.
  • Hilarie Burton was "born" to play the OTH character Peyton Sawyer. Tall, beautiful, talented, warm hearted, funny, quick witted, with a smile that would "melt glaciers". She epitomizes what males, ages 18-30, would fantasize as a "dream girl friend".

    Hilarie Burton is ideally cast as Peyton Sawyer on OTH. Physically and intellectually, she is the kind of female men "dream" about as the "ideal girl friend". The characteristics which must be most difficult for Hilarie to play as Peyton are "loner" and "full of self-doubt". In S5, Peyton is the only one of her peers in her OTH "clique" who has not "made it" in business, or completed her higher education. That is the "key" to why Peyton told Lucas "not now", when he proposed marriage to her at age 19 in LA. Peyton wants to achieve the "self-actualization" need of making it in the music business on her own, and on her own terms, without compromising her principles or her moral character. Peyton's move back to Tree Hill was, primarily, to rekindle her relationship with Lucas as revealed in S5-07. She is Lucas' "soul mate". Even though Lucas doesn't realize it yet, Peyton is the "key" to his "success" as an author, his "muse", as well as the "subject" of his novel. Peyton is the one person about whom Lucas can write "passionately", because she is the one person he has "admired from afar" since he was in elementary school. Peyton, having lost "two mothers" to death, and having been raised S1-S4 by an "absentee, but loving, father", comes by her "loner" status "naturally". She is "self-sacrificing" in her relationships because she feels "self-doubt", and never received the "praise" that her HS accomplishments should have brought. Peyton is a "consumer" music expert, a talented artist, a published cartoonist, computer literate, and a "bottom-up", "self-taught","school of hard knocks" graduate. Peyton has finally realized that Lucas is the "love of her life", and she is willing to risk everything now in S5 to convince Lucas of that fact. Hopefully, OTH is one of those TV series which basically wants to show the audience that "positive actions", and "clean living" leads to "happy outcomes". Peyton and Lucas are like the "opposite poles of a two magnets", every time they are brought into close proximity, they are uncontrollably attracted and "drawn" to each other. Hopefully, the OTH TV series will realize there are as many "happy" Peyton-Lucas story lines, as there are "road block" episodes, which their viewing audience would watch. Comments?
  • Peyton Sawyer - 'I guess I'm just a girl wrapped in a mystery inside a bi***'

    Hilarie Burton Plays Peyton Sawyer In Teen Drama One Tree Hill.Cheerleader, As Well As An Artist With An Affinity For Music, Peyton Has A Heavily Guarded Heart Due To The Number Of Lost Loved Ones In Her Life.
    Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer Was Born To Elizabeth Harp[Ellie] And Later Was Adopted By A Young Couple, Larry Sawyer & Anna Sawyer.Peyton Is A Beautiful, Talented Artist Who Expresses Her (Mostly Negative) Emotions Through Her Work. Her Work Is Amazingly Talented But She Can't Open Her Eyes & Understand What A Meaning It Sends To The Viewer, But When Lucas Scott Tells Her In Season 1 That 'Her Art Matters' She Carries On & Believes In Herself! She Forged A Friendship With Brooke Davis During The Third Grade And That Friendship Has Continued Over The Years. Im So Glad Hilarie Plays Peyton, I Couldn't See Any Other Actress That Perfect For The Part.
  • I love her...i think she is completely talanted and isnt given enough credit for her skills...she seems like she is a very down to earth person.

    i love her...i think she is completely talanted and isnt given enough credit for her skills...she seems like she is a very down to earth person...she is a beautiful person...i personally am not one to get all star struck but there is something about miss Hilarie that gets my attention...i would love to learn from her and have her as a role model...she seems that she would be willing to help out anyone who is in need...i think people need to notice her more and show her such respect...she does not seem to be one who has a big head like other people in the spot light...you go girl...be proud!!
  • An amazing actress! I just love her

    I absulotly love Hilarie!
    She is the greatest actress on One Tree Hill.
    She has the most difficult role, and she has more sceans in which she needs to be very emotional.. I really think that her role as Peyton Sawyer is not easy to play. One minute she's happy, the next she's sad.. she has to be frightened, but strong.. (If you saw the last few episodes of OTH you must know what I mean...)

    I hope to see her in more great shows and projects.

    I also loved her in TRL. She was a great VJ !

    Hopefully we'll get to see her as Peyton for a few more years..
  • Charismatic

    I find Hilarie to be a charismatic and unique actress, that shines in all her scenes. She appears to be a natural, sweet, down to earth girl, who doesn't get caught up in the Hollywood party scene. She is a truly original individual who seems to spend very little time worrying about the opinions of others and just does her own thing, which is a very admirable quality. Her fantastic personality made her an amazing host on TRL and her talent as an actress makes the characters that she plays believable and real. She is very much a pleasure to watch.
  • You know she is.

    I'm not normally inclined to write reviews of actual people as I don't know them enough to say anything production but Hilarie Burton seems like a lovely person! She comes across as the kind of woman who would get on with anybody, and that's nice to see. She doesn't give off the diva image and she keeps her private life private which is even better. I don't think anybody really likes seeing actresses they admire falling out of clubs all the time and looking like a mess. I like the fact she seems as if she's a really down to earth person and from what I've seen of her in interviews, etc., she makes you like her!
  • Can't get enough!

    Hilarie is just a naturally beautiful, extremely talented, sweet & funny person. She is awesome on screen and off. It's amazing that she goes from VJ to Peyton Sawyer and does so great! I surely hope that she gets to do more after One Tree Hill is over because she deserves it. With the little experience that she has, she's already fantastic. Just think about what she could do with a lot of experience under her belt. She could definitely go somewhere. I got to meet Hilarie at the charity game and she is one of the nicest people ever. Her smile is genuine and she acts like there is nothing better than her fans. An all around great woman is what Hilarie Burton is.
  • Peyton...She is a great character in One Tree Hill.. She loves to draw and she does comics. She is stressed out because she is a lonely character. Her mother had died and her dad is always busy with work and is always out of town!

    I would give Peyton and 9.4! She is a good character in One Tree Hill! I think she is very talented with her drawings. She gets along with people easily. She backstabbed Brooke a couple times but everyone makes mistakes right? I personally liked it when Brooke and Lucas were together but Peyton went very well with Lucas because of there chemisty. They have a lot in common and get along. Reason why i didn't give Peyton a 10 is because i think she is a depressing character because her mom died and everything! It's sad. So im glad she has Lucas and her friends because she is a very lonely character..Otherwise i like her. I could probably get along with someone like her because she is very layed back!
  • Love her!Hilarie burton went from being an awsome VJ to an awsome actress

    Peyton sawyer is my favorite character on the totaly awsome show, one tree hill. She makes all the emotions so believable, like it totally seems like shes in love with lucas. when shes sad she really looks sad ect, just a really great actress. she also seems like a really cool person. I think she is Down to earth, not all snooty like some celebrities are.Shes also really funny and seems really nice. I would have to say shes probly my favorite actress. Shes is pretty and talented and a good person too, what more can u ask for. Go Hilarie burton!
  • She's very talented!!!

    I love Hilarie!
    I think she is the greatest actress on 'One Tree Hill' [and as much that I love Bethany Joy and she is very talented as well, I think Hilarie is a better actress]. Maybe its because she has the most difficult role, and she has more sceans in which she needs to be very emotional.. I really think that her role as Peyton Sawyer is not easy to play. One minute she's happy, the next she's sad.. she has to be frightened, but strong.. (If you saw the last few episodes of OTH you must know what I mean...)

    She was great as a VJ in TRL.

    I hadn't got the chance to see any of her movies yet, but I hope to see her in more great shows and projects.

    -Leyton 4Ever!!!-

    Peyton: I'll be seeing you. (walks away) Lucas: Peyton! It's you.
    Peyton: What?!
    Lucas: When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It's you. It's you Peyton. (They Kiss)
  • Known as Peyton Sawyer... She's AWESOME!

    Hilarie Burton, I first noticed her in the pilot of One Tree Hill... At first I was envious because she got to mke out with James Lafferty but got over it when their characters broke up.

    She's a talented actress, her chemistry with Bryan Greenberg was awesome and so is her chemistry with CMM and Sophia Bush. I loved her performance in "How a Resurrection Really Feels" - her portrayal of Dark Angel Peyton was outstanding and I felt she tapped into hidden talents in that episode.

    However, my main concern with her acting is her bugging out her eyes when she's crying or doing a dramamtic scene. It's kind of annoying and distracts me.

    Still, she's still great!
  • Talented and good looking. The best combination ever.

    The first time I saw Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill I was blown away. She was her character in a way I had hardly ever seen another actor be on a tv show. And for someone who had never acted before, she shook off whatever doubts people may have had about her acting abilities.

    I am yet to watch her other movies so I will just have to depend on her performance on OTH to review her. Peyton is the most complex character on the show and also the OTH creator's favorite character. And from the way Creator Mark Schwann praises her, it is evident that Hilarie's performance is beyond his expectations.

    And as a person too Hilarie Burton seems to be a humble and down to earth person. The clips I saw of her when a sick girl visited the cast of OTH from the Make A Wish Foundation, made me realize that despite her being this stunning bombshell, Hilarie is still well grounded.

    From Season One up to Season Four Hilarie's performance as Peyton Sawyer has been consistent and I hope to see much more of her in the future.
  • ok...hilarie burton acts in one tree hill she is very talented and plays peyton sawyer... who is brooke davis's best friend.. I like her personality i think she's cool..

    Bring on the drama!!! !!! !!! hilarie really knows how to act shes great. she makes the scenes shes in so intense.. so realistic... she makes me feel as if 'm living the scene... shes totally gr8. Also peyton has like this "i'm - me - take - it - or - leave - it - i- do - what - i - want - in - your - face" type personality. in real life she seems like a pretty cool person from what ive read in her interviews and stuff. i like her personality. shes great in OTH and in real life..i think thts pretty cool
  • Peyton? What is there to say about her? LoL kidding, she\\\'s awesome!

    So when the show first came on, I really really liked Peyton! She was so strong, independent, and a rebel. She was dark and kind of emo who also cheered for the Ravens. Big suprise, and a big difference. But from season 1 to season 4 she has changed so much, and i don\\\'t really like the change. It\\\'s kind of a bad change in my opinion. She isn\\\'t as strong and independent. Yes, i know a lot has happend to her, but she still acts kind of childish and needs everyone to lean on and save her, she needs to be a big girl and become strong again. I\\\'m not a big Leyton fan either, and I hate how she always waits to tell Lucas how she feels when Brucas are together, i think that\\\'s so selfish and self-centered. But I like Peyton as a whole anyways. She\\\'s pretty chill =) And I also like her a lot off the set as Hilari, she\\\'s a better person than who she plays as peyton. LoL. I wonder where she\\\'s gonna end up in the very last episode?
  • i like peyton sawyer's character

    i really like peyton sawyer's character because it's so similar to mine!! that's why i like her and hilarie burton is so beautiful!! she's sooo nice!! wooooohooo!! she's also a very good actress considering her difficult role in the best show ever, one tree hill!!! i like peyton to be with lucas than to be with brooke!! i like peyton to be happy!!
  • She went from being a VJ at MTV to co-starring in the hit T.V show One Tree Hill.

    I love her acting in the show One Tree Hill, her character Peyton is one of my favorite characters. I think that the creators of One Tree Hill have given her so many things to deal with and she masters them all. She has had some pretty dramatic things to deal with and she does an amazing job and she\'s one of the reasons that I love One Tree Hill so much. She\'s a really honest actress and she puts her heart into her performances and she delivers a convincing performance everytime. Not only is she a talented actress she\'s also gorgeous and she seems like a pretty down to earth person.
  • H-Bomb IS the bomb! Haha. Hilaire Burton is the rad one of the bunch on the set of the OTH cast.

    Hilarie Burton is rad. Probably because rad is her favorite word. Haha. She plays a great Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill, and has such a deep charater. That is why I enjoy her work a lot. She can be a girly P. Sawyer, but has days where she listens to dark music, drawing the art that I love. It's because it has meaning, and she can reach deep down inside, and draw the things she feels. She has had a lot of people leave in her life, and it doesn't help that her dad left, her moms died, Derek had ot leave her, she had a stalker stalk her and beat her down in her own house, Nathan was the bad boy there for awhile and treated her terrible, and then comes the love triangle. Brooke and Peyton were best friends until the love triangle happened, but then became friends again. Through everything Peyton has had to go through, Hilarie Burton plays an awesome P. Sawyer, and is a VERY talented actress. She also makes a great VJ on TRL. =]
  • She\'s sooo sweet! LOL

    I don\'t quite know what it is about Hilarie, but she just seems so sweet and her character on OTH is fantastic. Her OTH character reminds me of me lol...which kinda makes me laugh.
    Her acting is amazing though, Peyton comes across as such a real character and so many teenage girls can relate to her. She\'s just a great character to watch...real. Peyton is all about music and her drawings :D This whole podcast thing is pretty cool too, the fact she takes the time to do this as her character...it\'s sweet lol.
    I love Hilarie\'s hair too, every single style seems to suit her! Se looks great with the curly hair and great with straight hair...she just does.
    I\'m glad I watch OTH now because I love her character and the way she is. Hilarie really seems like a great person, hopefully she\'ll be get more roles as time goes on and she can become really successful, that\'d be great :D
  • One of my favourite tv show actress

    Hilarie Burton is a really talented young actress. In One Tree Hill she plays Peyton one of my favourite characters. She fits into her role and the idea of a different style she has each new season. She plays it well and there's no doubt she will continue acting even if this show ends. Its not that she is a good looking girl but she has a talent to and you don't find that as often as it was before. She has a charisma that is really important for and anctor/anctress. In my opinion Hilarie is great in her job and continues to improve
  • I love her!

    Hillarie Burton is beautiful! She is so hot! She used to be a co-host in MTV's show TRL. And now she's reachig ouT! She is so great! She plays Payton Sawyer in WB's hit teen drama "One Tree Hill" her character enjoys drawing and music. Her character also has a lot of hardships in life. Like losing ehr best friend, problem with guys and family issues. She has a complicated life but her character is sweet. And so is she, she is so professional at such a young age. She is probably one of the most mature young actors today.
  • Kind of like Dakota Fannig, something just turns me on about this woman.

    Kind of like Dakota Fanning, something just turns me on about this woman. I mean, Hilarie is really pretty, but I don't know what turns me on about Hilarie. Was nominated for three Teen Choice Awards but won none of them. I like Hilarie, but again, I don't really know what to say about her except for the fact that I feel she is a bit overrated and too many people like her, and that she just, well, there is something I boycott about her, and something turns me on. I don't really know what I feel that it is.
  • Enjoys the music, someone who has been through a lot with loss.

    Hilarie does a great job with all the emotional rollercoaster scenes she has been in. I would like to see her get together with Brian. Then again it's wouldn't break my heart to see her and Lucas together especially since he seems to be right around the corner when she needs someone.
  • The lead female on the show, "One Tree Hill" and former TRL cohost.

    Hilarie Burton is one of the most talented people I've ever seen. Her role as Peyton Sawyer on WB's "One Tree Hill" proves her greatness. She played Peyton at her lows: Getting a coccaine addiction, greiving over both mothers, going through a breakup, losing her boyfriend to prison, failing to protect her boyfriend's baby from the psycho bitch mother. She played Peyton at her highs: Being Lucas' girlfriend, being Brooke's true best friend, reuniting with Jake, producing a benefit CD, making out with Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy in a limo. Hilarie Burton is just excellent and she deserves more recognition. I love you, Hilarie!
  • Hilarie is Cool Watch One Tree Hill It's Good For The Soul

    ok guys here's my thing on hilarie. i've been a fan of her's since 2000 when she was on trl. so i 've know her celebrity wise for six years. i watch one tree hill because i love it. and i would watch anything that any of the actors are in. i am still on waiting for our very own to come out. i love hilarie alot. she's original becuase she has her own mind and she's wear the coolest things.
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