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  • Awsome

    Hilary Duff to me is the best actress and singer ever. I can't wait to see her on her new TV show with 20th centry and can't wait to hear and buy her new cd that will release in 2013. Great job Hilary.
  • Both a Hottie and a Polymath.

    I am a very big fan of Hilary Duff. Not only is she a very beautiful girl, but she is also a polymath. She is a singer, a songwrtier, a film producer, a fashion model, an philanthropist, an activist, an enviromentalist, a fashion designer, a businesswoman, an actress, and even a best-seling novelist. She is a very talented young woman.
  • Possibly the greatest Disney Channel star of all time,and beats Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan


    Disney stars these days are just idiotic,and cannot sing or act. Miley Cyrus,Demi Lovato and Lindsey Lohan are the worst. But if you could say the best,it's Hilrary Duff. She actually has talent and is funny. We all know how much I loved her in Lizzie Mcguire,but she was also funny in George Lopez as Carmen's friend. She is also a great singer. Instead of singing little pieces of junk like "Skyscraper" or "Can't Be Tamed",her songs are great like "So Yesterday" and "Wake Up". She also hasn't done anything bad. I mean,she hasn't done drugs,naked photo shoots or cigarettes. So her and Selena Gomez are even. Now,I think she is on this CW show,but she was possibly the greatest Disney star,and should get more attention than Miley Cyrus.

  • A really great singer and actress

    I've always been a fan of her even back when I watched allot of Disney and didn't care who the actors were. She was always my favorite. When I first heard her sing I loved her singing too! She doesn't do bad stuff like Miley or Lindsay, and isn't mean like allot of celebrities. She's also so pretty. See looks amazing with brown and blonde hair but brown makes her look more mature. She isn't anorexic like some people say! I love all her songs. All the way from "So Yesterday" too "Stranger". I listen 2 her songs all the time and she is so good at acting!
  • Absolutely amazing!!! =D

    Hilary Duff is an amazing and talented singer and actress. I first saw her on the hit Disney show Lizzie McGuire. That show was awesome! My sister and I used to watch it together all the time. We all knew she was good actress, but not many of us knew how great a singer she was until the Lizzie McGuire movie where she went to Rome. At the end of the movie, she stood in front of the crowd and sang and danced in front of everyone. Now, she has her own CDs. The Most Wanted CD was great, but the newer Dignity one was astounding! She does such a great job!
  • "Mediocre" pretty much sums it up.

    Oh, what is there to say about this Disney Channel dud. Hilary Duff is beautiful, yes. And I have tons of respect for her for not going the way of LaLohan and Miss Cyrus and becoming a trashy tabloid regular. If there's anything to be said about Hilary, it's that she's managed to remain dignified and respectable in a world where that probably isn't so easy. But real talent? Not so much. Mediocre acting, mediocre voice, and a resume filled with generic movies which all lack any real substance; I have no doubt that in a few years this chick will have been completely forgotten.
  • Hilary Duff is a singer and actress perhaps most famous for her role as Lizzie on "Lizzie McGuire". This Texas native got her big break on the show when she was just 13.

    First of all, I think she is one of the greatest child stars of all time. Like I said, she started acting on "Lizzie McGuire" when she was only 13 years old (maybe 12, depending on when the pilot was filmed.) I am 13, and I wish I could act a fraction as good as she did when she started out- she is even more phenomenal now! Also, Hilary Duff has a beautifully unique voice too, although I think she is a better actress than singer. I can remember being nine years old and worshiping the ground she walked on. Since then, I have outgrown idolizing celebrities, but I still believe she is one of Disney's most talented stars yet. My favorite thing about Hilary is that even though she became so rich and famous, she is still so sweet, charitable, down-to-earth, and you never hear about her getting into trouble. She often visits childrens' hospitals and works a lot with this charity called Kids With A Cause. Also, when is the last time you have heard about HER doing drugs, DUIing, etc. I heard in an interview that she is even saving herself for marriage, which I won't mention any names, but good for her, not many young stars can say that! Overall, as one of her fans named Miley Cyrus said, "has made being a good girl cool!"
  • She started off on Disney as Lizzie McGuirenow she is singing and doing 3 new movies. All her hard work and earning over 5 million dollar for all her hits payed off. Hilary is one of Hollywoods top stars. And hilary has the good girl image which is great!

    Hilary Duff is a very big star. Thanks to Lizzie McGuire, Raise your Voice, Cinderella Story, and Cheaper by the dozen 1/2. She gives to charity. She has hit records. She is not a party girl such as Paris Hilton . She thinks of her carrer first. All her appearences,movies,CDS, and t.v shows are awesome! Now she is working on 3 more movies. Greta, Safety Glass, and war inc. And her hit cd dignity got ranked a B+ from the American Music Inc.And most wanted was a hit. Hilary Duff raising the bar for all stars. Way to go Hilary!
  • Hilary's always inspired me...

    Hilary Erhard Duff was born the youngest of two daughter in Texas. Hilary began her career when she starred in Casper meets Wendy as Wendy. She played Lizzie McGuire, which is where I first saw her. She's been my role model ever since! I loved the show, I've seen every episode-literally. She has been in the movie Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Perfect Man, Cinderella Story, Cheaper By the Dozen, etc. I loved her in all of them. She is so amazing and will always be. For awhile she dated Joel Madden and ugh, I'm glad they broke up. Hil can do much better than him.
    Hilary can sing and act. She is pretty and I think that she's a good role model from all ages. I mean...she's the same age as Lindsay and all other crazy people and she still hasn't gone completely LOCO!

    Yep, Hil rocks!
  • One of my favourites...

    I think Hilary is the perfect role model for teens and kids. She's no Lindsay Lohan right? I think it's impossible not to like her because she is nice, talented and very down to earth. That's why i don't understand why so many people hate her... She is a great singer and actress and i think she is the best teen star of all time and don't come with the Miley Cyrus crap (no offense), i tottaly respect Miley and i like her music and her show but i just don't think that she is the best role model to kids.
  • shes great

    i think shes great shes not overrated at all when you are known around the world u have to be something right everybody says something mean or stupid anyone would get upset if there worst mouments were taped for the whole world to see and she doesnt take things to bad like lindsay or britney or someone like that ! ! ! ! (do i have to put 100 words shes great ok ! ! ! ! ! ! ! now i can't even do uppercase whatever i luv all her movies and shes great at acting and singing finally 100 words
  • Hilary Duff is born on September 28 1987. She is now in her last teens years at 19 years old of age.

    I like or love Hilary Duff in the whole world. She is my best fav. Young Actress/Singer ever.

    Before Hilary Duff ever become popular she was very young yet in 1997/2001. And also Before i ever knew she was a very good actress & a singer. I liked The Olsen Twins alot before Hilary Duff come along. But Hilary Duff come along
    in 2001 with Lizzie McGuire Tv Series she was a little bit better then The Olsen Twins. Hilary Duff evern beated my old likes The Olsen Twins out of my number 1 spot. She is
    now my Number 1 Young Actess ever. I still like The Olsens alot but Hilary Duff Levels over them little bit better Actress then Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are. And Hilary Did Level over My another old likeing Britney Spears alot. She beat Britney Spears alot a better singer then her. But again I still like Britney Spears alot anyways as a Singer.

    I like all of Hilary Duff's Popular Movies & Evern her Start Career Movies as well. She is a very good Actress.

    L like every bit of Hilary Duff's Songs as a Singer. She a very good Singer.

    My Best/Fav. Young Actress are:
    -Hilary Duff-(My Main/Number 1 Actress)
    -The Olsen Twins-(My Co-Main/Number 1 Actress)

    My Best/Fav. Singers are:
    -Hilary Duff-(My Main/Number 1 Actress)
    -Britney Spears-(My Co-Main/Number 1 Actress)
  • I don't know if she really is overrated, but.....

    I don't care much for Hilary Duff, but she, in my opinion, doesn't have much talent. She can't act (I absolutely hated her show Lizzie Mcguire), I hate her music, and she just doesn't have much talent. She's kind of overrated, and she's just anorexic and kind of ugly. She was pretty in her early days as a teenager, but now she darkened her hair (not a good thing for her) and became anorexic. She's way too skinny, and I don't consider her a good role model. She's not a bad one, but she's nto so good either. I don't mean to sound snobby, but Hilary is kind of annoying and should not have been involved in show business in the first place.
  • original.

    I ifrst came to know who Hilary Duff was when I was younger and I liked to watch Lizzie McGuire. I thought that she was an amazing actress on that show, and thought she did a great job portray the character. I also like Hilary Duff's other movies and some of the movies that she has done are some of my favorites like Raise Your Voice and Material Girls. Her music is also great. Although she hasnt done much in a while, I hope that she puts other stuff out. I think that Hilary Duff is a great role model not only for kids but for older teens too. I can't wait for another movie she puts out.
  • She is a person, an original, unique person.

    Hilary's been critised for being too 'nice', too clean-cut and as a terrible singer. This has been throughout her teenage years. These years are the hardest for everyone, throw in paparazzi and the everyone watching your every move and it's 1000 times worse. For this I admire Hilary, she managed to grow up through this without turning to drugs and drinking and has reached 20 without a criminal record! She has had time to grow up and mature with her acting, credit towards her years on the disney channel, but she has matured into a young actress who always looks like she has fun on set. While her music may not be other's 'piece of cake' I think her voice, ideas and talent are maturing through her experience. I love that she is unafraid to try new things. I love that she doesn't throw herself into the public eye and doesn't appear in the gossip columns that much. And I love that she is out there doing what she loves which somehow inspires me to do the same - do what I love.
  • Completely overrated.

    Hilary Duff i think is one of the most overratted tween stars. She cant really act or sing that good. Does anyone actually buy the 'miss goody little two shoes' act? "I'd rather be seen the way I am now instead of falling over myself walking out of a club,"- quote from her. She critises young hollywood for doing this. Its a little hypocritical of her considering, she has been photographed doing just that. Her movies have been dismal- Material girls (what were they thinking?) and the only thing that is worse than those is her "singing" career. I really think she should just stick to acting. Hilary has fans, i wont deny that- but most of them are under 12 and do not no better.
  • empty

    Hilary Duff is amazing. She is such a brilliant actress, she's so pretty, and she is such a great singer. I love all of her music. I've met her 2 times and she is so nice and she's just great. Hilary Duff is such a great role model, and she doesn't do anything to mess that up. She's awesome
  • Hilary can't sing or act, and gets into fights with other people.

    The main reason why people know who she is, is because she was on Lizzie McGuire. She wasn't a very good actress, but it's Disney they hire anyone pretty much. After Lizzie McGuire ended, Hilary became a singer because almost every one that is on a Disney show becomes a singer after their show has ended, or is about to end. She isn't even a good singer either. I bought her first album when it first came out, and I thought. "What, is she serious"? Her album was that bad. Hilary also gets in fights with, or disses other singers/actresses when she isn't even that good herself! She got into arguments with Avril and Lindsay, and dissed Evanescence saying their music was creepy. I think she purposely gets into fights so she can be talked about more. Hilary stop begging for attention, if you want attention by fighting with other people even more people will start to hate you.
  • What I think of Hilary Duff

    I think that Hilary Duff is a great role model for girls everywhere. I've met her twice and I think that she is so down to earth and she really reminded me of my friends, she might be famous and worth millions but I really don't think that the fame has really changed her that much. she doesn't make horrible choices like most of the other celebs. these days.
    I think shes a great singer and actress. she has been one of my favorite celebs/ role models ever since i started watching Lizzie Mcguire and I am still a huge fan. I think she is an overall great person and I don't understand why so many people hate her :)
  • One of my favorite songs by Hilary Duff is the song "FLY".

    One of my favorite songs by Hilary Duff is the song "FLY". I really like that song and the music video for it is really awesome as well. There was alot of energy in it as well as an intimate feeling with all the "behind the sceenes" type camera shots. Unfortunatly not all the songs on the album lived up to that song. I think she is a pretty talented individual and with time she could be amazing!
  • Actress, Singer, Fashion Designer, Bussiness Women. Hilary Duff has truly proved that she can excel in everything that she can do and still have class, Which is why she is one of my favorite celebrities. I've loved her since Lizzie McGuire and I still do.

    I Have been a fan of Hilary Erhard Duff since "Lizzie McGuire" but her music has been the driving force of her career and the part I like the most. I own all her albums and I like all her songs. She has always portrayed herself as a classy young lady which I really like. Of course, she is not perfect, No one is. She is growing up in the public eye, and she is going on her own path. We're both Libras, born on the same year: 1987, I was born on September 25, She was born on September 28.

    All I can say is Keep doing your thing.

    Hilary Duff Fan Forever Baby!!!
  • Hilary is absolutely right - the girl can rock!!!

    To all you Lizzie McGuire everywhere, Hilary Duff is the tops! The multi-talented female star is such an excellent singer. I have at least two of her albums and all four Lizzie McGuire DVDs. I even enjoyed her concert DVD. As I was viewing it, I had absolutely no idea that she took up surfing.

    Of all her albums she has cut, I would have to say Metamorphosis is the best one - it's my favorite Hilary Duff album. My favorite thing about Hilary is when I see her as Lizzie McGuire on the show. Why, I even enjoyed
  • hilary duff is really talented more than linsay lohan but as a child she has been acting singing and a actress in movies and a hit show lizzie maguiure she is my favorite singer since i was little and now i got to give her a clap 4 influencing me to sing

    hilary duff is a person who is real with wat she wants if it something she dont like she says it and thats wat i admire about her and she incouraged me to live my dream sing my heart out and i made some improve ments... my favorite song is anywhere but here and my fav video is fly because she might not be ur typical black artist but improve and have more than 5 thousand fans and i admire her 4 that
  • empty

    Awsome actress & singer, a lot of great movies and songs, hope she has more success in the future!!!
  • Talented young actress and a great singer!

    Hilary Duff is a sweet and caring actress/singer. She is a real trendsetter for young kids and people admire her. She is a great singer and an acomplished artist.She has been in numerous movies such as 'Cheaper By The Dozen' and 'A Cinderella Story'. She is extremely generous and has given a massive amount of money to charity. She has recently launched her own clothing line called'Stuff By Duff' and has also just released a new perfume titled 'With Love'. She is also extremely hard working. At only 19 she is a star.(A beatiful one aswell) and people all over the world love her. What will she do next? We will just have to sit back and delightfully watch as she emerges into a stunning phonomenon over the upcoming years.
  • Hilary rocks! She's got this cute and simple voice that I absolutely love, and she's a pretty good actress, too. OK, I confess, she's great!

    First, I'd like to mention some of my "Hilary favorites". For one, I can't get enough of her music. I have been into her music since she started with it. I have her album "Metamorphosis", and I know every single word of every single song on it. I can even recognize each song by the first, like, 10 seconds of it, and if not, less. But that's not the only album I have of her's. I also have her second album, which is self-titled: the album "Hilary Duff". And again, I have it completely memorized. I also have the regular and collector's editions of Hilary's "Most Wanted" album. Every song is memorized. And finally, I have the deluxe edition of "Dignity". And as you probably guessed, everything is memorized. I got that about a week after it came out. That CD is my favorite one out of them all, partially because Hilary wrote all but one of the songs on it. Also, I have the album "Santa Claus Lane", which may not be by Hilary, but she sings most of the songs on it. Next is movies that I love that Hilary has a role in. I saw "Casper Meets Wendy". That was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Hilary's so little! As far as I know, she was nine years old when she was in that movie. That had to be a really fun experience for her. I've seen "Cadet Kelly", and I loved the story-line. That was a great movie. I've seen the "Lizzie McGuire Movie", and that movie was great, especially the end. I loved the whole performance thing in the end. There was also "Agent Cody Banks", which is not only a favorite of mine, but also of my grandmother's, who also is a fan of Hilary. I saw "A Cinderella Story" in theaters, and watch it on TV whenever I realize it's on, which is just about every time. There may have been more, but I can't seem to remember them right now... Next is the movies I have not only seen, but also have. There's "The Perfect Man", which I could watch any day. (It's that good!) Also, there's "Raise Your Voice", and I can quote and sing along to the entire movie. I have watched it who-knows-how-many times! "Raise Your Voice" was a great movie, and I recommend it to people of all ages. And then, of course, there's "Material Girls", another movie I can quote the whole way through and... well, wind up laughing like crazy because of some of the things Hilary and her sister, Haylie say. One of my favorite lines by Haylie is "I'm glad that you two lovebirds are having so much fun over there, but meanwhile, I just found all the files." I loved that line. I also get a kick out of the part in the beginning of the movie where Haylie goes on about how she doesn't feel well, and Hilary's watching something on the TV, and Haylie just goes and fights her little sis for the remote. That was cute. And jumping into the dumpsters. Now that was funny. Hilary's got on theses some-what simple black shoes, and Haylie has on these high heels that are, like, may her like 5 inches taller or something, and Hilary's like "These shoes are great! I don't even feel like I'm gonna plummet to my death at any moment!" Then Hayls replies, "Yeah, speak for yourself." I loved that. That's something I'd never do, though. Yeah, that movie was great. I've also seen Hilary in concert. I saw the "Most Wanted Tour 2006" on July 29th in Tom's River, New Jersey. The concert was amazing. I was glad that my first concert was one of Hilary's. I felt a little silly being one of the very few people to be singing along and whatever, BEING 14! I felt a little wacky, but, I lived through it. As a matter of fact, that was one of the best times I've had in my entire life. My aunt had said the same thing. She had taken me there, and we had a blast! My aunt was like, "Oh my gosh, she is so cute on stage. I don't know why, but it makes her seem like some cute, innocent little kid" and then I told her, "uh, Jenn, she's going on 19..." She was like, "yeah, I know, but still." I didn't argue it. We had so much fun, and I'd love to try to see Hil in concert again, and hopefully that next time will be this summer. When it comes to Hilary's personality, I find her price-less. Although, I have to say, she's not the only one in the Duff family that I'd say that about. Haylie and Hilary are both amazing singers and actresses. I may be told that those two girls don't have any useful talent; my common response is "Shut up." and I walk away, and if people continue to say anything at all that's negative, I just basically say, "hey, fine have your opinion, but I'll still have mine. And you're missin' out." And what I mean by that is nothing is going to get me to stop being a fan of the Duff sisters, and you're going to miss out by not being one, because they are both very talented people. And finally, My "Hilary Collection" which consists of... uh... A countless amount of posters and pictures.I'd say there's at least 150, including the ones both from magazines and the huge ones you get at the store. If there's one thing Hil can do really well, it's pose for a good picture. Some of the posters I have are actually really cute, if you ask me. The amazing things a teenager can do... (and by that I mean teenage celebrities, specifically Hilary) And last to my collection is my 2007 calendar. I actually got that as a Christmas present in 2006.
  • Very overrated and has a terrible voice! Stick to acting, Hil!

    I never really exactly liked Hilary Duff. When Lizzie McGuire came out I watched the show, and I LIKED it. Hilary is a good Actress. But then a few years later, her album came out and I tried it out at the store, after about 3 seconds, I had to rush to the bathroom to get tissues for my bleeding ears, litterally. I went and saw Cheaper By the Dozen, and sure enough, Duff was in the movie. What really dissapoints me, is that Hilary sticks to one role, as a bratty teengaer. Hilary is a decent actress, but a HORRIBLE singer. I suggest she stick to acting.
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    im charming,talented,pretty,and,sweet,i love to dance and sing alot i go to jackie robinsen school my favorite girl singer is beyonce my favorie boy singer is chris brown.i also like the **** cat dolls.i am sometimes annoying and know how to fight ive had about 6 fights this year im haitian,dominican and a little indian.
  • She is so annoying and overrated!

    I cannot stand Hilary Duff. The only reason she's famous is because of Lizzie McGuire, which she got lucky with. She is a horrible actress, overacting way too much. She overdoes her gestures and facial expressions on "Lizzie McGuire".

    Speaking of which, she cannot play anything but Lizzie McGuire. Every role, whether the character is different or not all I see is Lizzie McGuire. All her movies are basically the same. She plays the cute, perky, unpopular blonde teenager. As for her looks, people fawn over how gorgeous she is. She's not ugly, she's just average looking.

    Her singing is terrible. What is with Disney and handing out record deals like candy to their most popular TV stars? It is an insult to everybody whose been working so hard, with actual talent to get signed.

    I can't say I know much about Duff's personality, but she does seem laid back and low key. I give her props for not making headlines in the tabloids every week or drinking/doing drugs.
  • 10
    Hilary Duff was born on September 28, 1987, to Susan and Bob Duff. She loved to perform ever since she was a little girl. She got her big break as Wendy in the real life movie "Casper Meets Wendy", and went on to star in Disney's hit TV show "Lizzie McGuire", where she played Elizabeth "Lizzie" Brooke McGuire. After the release of "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" in 2003, Disney announced that the show was going to stop running new episodes. I think hillary duff is a great actor,one of my favourites and she is a really good singer as well :)
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