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Hilary Weisman Graham

Hilary Weisman Graham

Birth Name

Hilary Weisman



Also Known As

Hilary Graham, Hilary, Hilary Weisman
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  • Hilary Graham's talents as a filmmaker are unlimited. She is a wonderful writer, who captures the essence of everyday people and situations. We are all looking forward to her up-coming submission on June 26th "On the Lot."moreless

    Although Hilary has received much praise as a writer "On the Lot," her films have been maligned by several judges who don't believe that women should explore "bathroom humor" or stereotypes of ethnic groups. This strikes me as most unfair. What if Woody Allen never had stereotypical Jews in his films, or Sacha Baron Cohen had't portrayed a variety of ethnic groups the way he did in Borat? The world would be a less funny place, in my book. Maybe the judges should not know who directed each film until the end of the program, when it's time to vote. Perhaps Garry Marshall's emphasis on women directors is misplaced, because he seems to put women in a category with very limited subjects to deal with.

    Let's hope Hilary gets a fair break this next time around. I've seen her entry film, "The Staring Contest," and her earlier feature-length films, and they're wonderful. Go Hilary!moreless