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  • Great actress.

    Great in all she does.
  • what do i do here

    i love hilary swank she is my favorite actress of all time my favorite movie she was in is Boys Dont Cry and it must of stunk having to kiss a girl because she is a girl and having to cut her hair and stuff socks down her pants my friend said she was gay and i hit him and said shut up she's not gay and this is a true story i want to be famous and i can do alot plus i really want to meet her if i did i would about wet my pants and i'm usually on my skateboard i would jump off possibly fall on my face then get up and say hhhhilary i love you your cute as a boy well i wouldnt say that
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    Hilary Swank is a really good actress. But I think that she sort of has a law: either she acts in great movie or she acts in a bad movie. I like her in actings like Million Dollar Baby, but there were others like The Next Karate Kid, which was simply boring and stupid. I really like her style, but I just can't believe that she has a factor. Still, I think that she is a very good actress.
  • Hilary Ann Swank, born on 30/7/1974. Won a boxing event and become actress. The popular one is 1994 "Next Karate Kid" Julie Pierce. Got her 1st Oscar in 1998 "Boys don't cry" and her 2nd in "Million Dollars Baby". She's Talen

    Stunning in Julie Pierce in Next Karate Kid in 1994. Real and true beauty. Can even play male well in Boys Don't cry. Pay lots of effort in Million Dollars Baby, know her N yrs, she is talented. No deny, no doubt. or else she won't get 2 oscar leading actress awards. she deserves all her oscars. Hilary is a special and pretty girl that you must really like her if u met her. Just watch her Julie Pierce one. Next Karate Kid. you will understand why I say this sentence. you love her now ! Thanks