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Hill Harper

Forums: Hill Harper Board: Hill Harper and the Incredible things that he's doing.

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    To me I not only see a very talented actor whose come a long way in the industry and became a success, but also that he's doing other things in his life. and that's writing books to help people take control of their lives in a positive way. Manifest Your destiny letters to a brother,is a good book for the young men to have. it's also good for the parents to have. I have kids, as a matter of fact, I have three sons who i think would love to have this incredible book not just to read but to take in what it says and to work on what they need to work on in order to succeed in life . I am amazed at how Harper is taking this book and going out and talking about it. i really admire him for that. and also he's the host for BET Film Shorts which I love and happy he's a part of it. I feel because it's in his blood. the filmmaking, which is the real meaning of making a short film and that's putting it all together and making it a success. And now with another book under his wings, which is talking about how young women can make it through the hard times at school and at home and in their personal lives. I mean Hill Is really going for it all. I Admire him for that. He is definitely one to really make it happen. It's happening as we speak. Hill Harper is the greatest. thumbs up for Mr. Harper. He's doing things and going places and for a good reason. He is awesome. Harper will be around for a very long time. Hats off to you young man.
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