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  • sobre a sua atuao

    Pfia. Ator pssimo e picareta. No entendo porque aparece toda hora. Muito chato.
  • I feel that he's not getting the credit he should be getting in this industry. And with his background and credentials, he should be right up there neck and neck with the others. I think he's a very talented man. he deserves better ratings on the show.

    Hill Harper is the best of the best actors out there. He should be respected as that. He's a great actor. I can see that he gets the job done. He is good at his craft. The shows and movies this man played in was astounding. The characters he played was awesome. He did the job well by playing the part the best way he could. I can see that he's being underrated very much so. Which is not fair at all. I love everybody on CSI NEW YORK, but I can also see that Hill harper is at the end of the line. I feel people are'nt recognizing him for the person he is.
  • He is the most underrated on CSI: NY. He should be given more credit as an actor.

    Hill Harper brings a light to even something that can be as dreary as the job of a CSI. I love him. I've never seen him on anything but CSI: NY, but I love his portryal of Sheldon Hawkes. I think it was definitely the correct choice from the writers to promote him to a larger role in season 2. Hill brings in the back story of a character that not a lot of actors can achieve. He makes me see him as the good doctor, and not as some random actor that happened to get casted. He is sevierly under-rated as an actor, and in his character. I hope that they bring in more Sheldon in the coming seasons.
  • I vote Hill a hundred times over 10. He is a awesome person and an excellent actor. In any given role, he invites you in. He knows how to portray a character first class and this industry needs a man of his caliber to bring life to it's scripts.

    He is one of the few actors who puts his heart into what he does for his community. He doesn't just give his money and not of himself. I've seen him on several occasions and he's always the same. He is God fearing and any man that loves and acknowledges God is to be praised! He keeps his word and thinks before he speaks. The numbers I will rate him haven't even been thought of yet because he is excellent at what he does, who he represents and in who he is. I give shout outs to him for never giving up. I just became aware of him a few years back but now I am his biggest fan. Hill, you rock and you are anointed in all that you do. You have skill and poise and there are people out here who back you and are cheering for you. Thanks for being cautious and never breaking covenant. That's awesome! I wanted people to know what I see in him because the world is full of negativity sometimes and people are caught up in the world wind of what a man/woman of significance is doing that's juicy. Well when you’re doing positive things, there's not a lot of word on it on the internet, T. v or in magazines, so this is my public service announcement and rocking news on a man who fears Lord.
  • Glad CSI has given him a much bigger role!

    I am glad that CSI NY has given him a much bigger role.
    Because he was underused during the first season.
    But now in the second season, this show underused his excellent talents.
    And now he gets to show them.
    Glad that he has stepped up to the plate.
    Good for those producers!
    Hope that he stays for many, many, more years to come.