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    • Hill Harper (About his turning point in his career): I think the turning point for me was really Spike Lee hiring me to do Get on the Bus. The reason I got He Got Game was because he offered that to me after I did Get on the Bus. Get on the Bus, to me, was such an important film content-wise, and all the great actors that were in it and also the character I played. Up until Get on the Bus Spike was appearing in his movies and Get on the Bus was one of the first movies where he didn't appear. I basically played the character that he probably would have played if he was young enough to still play it — you know, the director of the documentary of the bus trip. It was big for me. It's not easy to get a major studio film without a lot of star power or name value. So it was a big break for me. Spike is known to hire people based on their talent — the studio can say that this person is hot or that person is hot, but Spike is not that type of guy.