Hillary Bailey Smith

Hillary Bailey Smith


5/25/1957, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Hillary Bailey Smith



Also Known As

Hillary B. Smith, Hillary B Smith, Hillary Bailey
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Hillary B. Smith originated the role of Nora Buchanan in September 1992, a headstrong attorney whose quick wit has kept her smiling through some difficult times. Mrs. Smith received the Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actress in 1994 for her portrayal of the incredibly charming, irrepressible Nora,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Hillary's two children a son and a daughter were born in 1986.

    • In 1988 at the Soap Opera Digest Awards she was nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role on a Daytime Serial for As the World Turns.

    • In 1988 and 1989 she was nominated at the Soap Opera Digest Awards for Outstanding Heroine: Daytime for As the World Turns.

    • In 1994 and 2001 she was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress at the Soap Opera Digest Awards for One Life to Live.

  • Quotes

    • Hillary: I just always wanted to be an actor, ever since I was a little, little, little, little kid. Before kindergarten even, I just always wanted to be an actress - I don't know why. I guess it's that over achiever/youngest child syndrome.

    • (On co-star and friend, Catherine Hickland)
      Hillary: I saw her as this bouncy, blonde, kind of fun airhead puppy that came in to play with us. And she's hardly that. She's bouncy and fun, but she's not an airhead puppy by any stretch of the imagination. She and I are very, very close friends.

    • (On what soap character she would play if she had the chance)
      Hillary: I'd love to play Lindsay, Starr or GH's Tracy Quatermaine - someone just a little bit disturbed.

    • Hillary: After my audition, I never thought I'd get the role. As originally conceived, Nora was supposed to be a little bit like Katharine Hepburn. But I had my own definite idea of what I wanted her to be - more like Lauren Bacall. So I walked into the audition, and like Sinatra, I did it my way. After I finished my reading, the powers-that-be all sat there with their mouths hanging open. You could hear a pin drop. So, with this experience safely behind me, I headed home, confident that I wouldn't be hearing from One Life To Live. But here I am.

    • Hillary: After years of not being wanted...you have to get the rejection before you get acceptance. What really sold this to me was that the years I put in the west coast weren't for nothing. It was proof that everything you do in life is a building block for the next step in life. You have to be careful how you handle that block, and treat every block with respect.

    • Hillary: The rewards of acting can be huge, but you must make sure you're with someone who understands your career, who wants to be a partner and team player. You're in this together.

    • Hillary: Life is short, and you need to do things now, because they matter now. Don't count on there being a tomorrow, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

    • Hillary: I believe in giving your children a wide path, but with very firm boundaries so there's room for them to make their own decisions and formulate their own ideas while having the security of knowing how far to go.

    • Hillary: I think working in daytime is pretty odd. You're lying in bed half naked with a man and getting paid to do it.

    • Hillary: When I was a teenager, I knew John Travolta and I would be together. It was completely obvious to everyone except John!

    • Hillary: When you see a character shot point-blank, and you bury him and do all that nonsense, and then you bring him back, it tends to be a bit on the preposterous side. But that's the beauty of the soap opera - there is nothing too preposterous.

    • (About co-star and friend, Catherine Hickland)
      Hillary: Cat and I have been archenemies on the show for five years. But we're really great friends off screen, which shocks audiences. We find ourselves terribly amusing - usually around two or three o'clock in the morning when we're trying to do scenes and we're in hysterics. Because we think we're so funny, we hope that other people will find us amusing, too.