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  • That's right! I love Hillary Clinton, and she will be the best President this country has ever had...in the future, anyway.

    Hillary Clinton is one of the American heroes I admire most. Sure she isn't completely devoid of corruptness, but who is? It is my belief that without her, the 90's wouldn't have been as prosperous. She is an extremely intelligent woman who knows what she's talking about, and she cares more about emotion than any other politician I know. She should have been President. If she runs again in 2012, I'm voting for her. If she runs again in 2016, I'll root for her in Britain, the country I will be moving to. No other politician has really gotten to my heart or sent a tear to my eye like Hillary has. She has inspired women everywhere to take control and achieve their dreams. She has proved that a woman can achieve amazing things, too, and that they can do whatever they set their minds to. She has been an inspiration to me. Her independence, confidence, courage, intelligence, and spirit are remarkable in my eyes.
  • the sad thing is alot of people are ignorant to her past, and just say oh she is a woman I'm gonna vote for her, or people aren't voting for her because she is a woman, that isn't true, she has a very dark past.

    I'm a middle of the road person, but she is a left wing extremist, even her husband is more middle of the road than she is. She can believe what she wants obviously but she needs to realized she is only there for a portion of the nation, she needs to be there for the whole nation, especially if she wants to run for president. We have already seen her dictatorial attitude how it's her way or the highway. Check into how she took things and did damage to the White House when Bill left office, it's on truthorfiction.com. She also voted for the war and said she supported it on tv and then blamed the President for things that she was partly responsible for. She doesn't take responsibility for anything and only has her interests in mind. That thing with Hsu wasn't the first time, because Bill had contributions from the Red Bank of China in 1996 for his campaign contributions. Check into Hillary's law firm in Arkansas the Rose Law Firm, and you will see her legal problems started before Bill was in office, and of course everyone knows about Bill and Hillary's real estate scam White Water.

    Here is Clintons Pardon list http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/aponline/20010120/aponline135239_000.htm

    Check into how many people Bill and Hillary did business with, I believe Bill's brother and I think a relative of Hillary's is on that list too.
  • I don't know much about Hilary Clinton but I don't understand why there are reviews saying they hate her?

    Why do people hate Hilary Clinton already she might be a good president she is husband to Bill Clinton who was a good president it would be interisting if she was president what would it be like if we had a woman for president she would be better than George W. Bush I suppose who is the worst president. I'm not rooting for Hilary Clinton to become president I would more like to see Barak Oboma or Stephan Colbert become president but Hilary Clinton sounds interisting but since there are only 4 reviews for this woman I don't know what to say about her right now.
  • Hilary for President!

    I've been a big fan of Hilary Clinton since she became the first lady way back in 1993. Not only she's smart but she is grogous. The only bad thing I had to say about her is that she's married. I also supporting her for President of the United States. Every time she appeared on television, I had to watch. she is one gorgous woman. I support at least 90% of what she has to say. Like Hilary, I happen to be a democrat to is out to support the next president of the United states and that is Hilary Clinton.