HIM Trivia


  • Trivia

    • During the Acoustic Orchestral version of Gone With The Sin, lead singer Ville Valo says "let's do it one more time...".

    • HIM is the first and only Finnish rock band to sell Gold in the United States.

    • The band is playing on Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution 2007.

    • The band is a big fan of horror movies.

    • For a short time the band was also known as HIM and HER.

    • HIM first started out as a cover band for artists like KISS, Type O Negative, Danzig, Black Sabbath and Depeche Mode.

    • The name Ville Hermanni Valo translates to William Herman Light.

    • Ville and Mige met at school when they were approximately twelve years old.

    • The Heartagram (the band symbol) is like a ying-yang, signifying good and evil.

    • The cover of 666 Ways To Love: Prologue is a picture of Ville Valo's mother.

    • When the band was trying to get signed in America, there was already a copyrighted American band named HIM. The Finns later bought the name rights from the Americans.

    • Ville and Linde played in two bands before HIM – Blood and Kemoterapia.

    • Ville has a brother, Jesse Valo, who is seven years younger than him.

    • HIM uses the Heartagram, which is a combination of a heart and a pentagram, as its logo.

    • HIM's first EP was entitled 666 Ways To Love.

    • The HIM song Lose You Tonight appears in the film Haggard The Movie.

    • Pasi Pauni directed the video for Right Here In My Arms.

    • Juliet Lewis guest starred in the video for "Buried Alive By Love".

    • The band Black Salem includes HIM members Ville Valo, Mige Amour and Linde.

    • Linde's lucky number is 11.

    • Linde's father was employed by Volvo and his mother worked in a bakery.

    • Mige's favourite movie is Sleepy Hollow.

    • In America, HIM are signed to Jimmy Pop's record label. He signed them when they were trying to get a deal in the US, beating the Chicago band Him to the copyrighted name.

    • When he was younger, Ville worked in his father's sex shop.

    • Linde is obsessed with Jimi Hendrix.

    • Ville appears on the front cover of every single.

    • Ville Valo claims he speaks English from watching subtitled cartoons.

    • Bam Margera is a huge fan of HIM. He has directed four of their videos, uses the heartagram logo on his clothing and skateboards and has some of the same tattoos as Ville Valo.

    • HIM also goes by the name HER, since they bought the rights to the name in the US.

    • The band Daniel Lioneye and The Rollers features three members of HIM – Linde is the guitarist and lead singer, Ville is the drummer and Mige is the bassist.

    • Mige enjoys photography and often makes Ville critique his work on tour.

    • Linde's favourite guitar is the Gibson SG.

    • Ville Valo, the lead singer of HIM, has recorded several songs with The 69 Eyes, another Finnish band.

    • HIM covered the Blue Oyster Cult song Don't Fear The Reaper.

    • Ville Valo suffers from asthma and often drinks red wine on stage.

    • The video for the song The Sacrament was shot in Prague and directed by Bam Margera.

    • The video for the song Heartache Every Moment was made up of live footage.

    • HIM's lead singer, Ville Valo, has sung in the Apocalyptica song, Bittersweet with Lauri Ylonen, the lead singer of The Rasmus.

    • The band covered the Chris Isaac song, "Wicked Game".

    • Their single, "Wings Of A Butterfly", reached #20 on the US Mainstream Rock Charts.

    • Their single, "The Funeral of Hearts", reached #2 on the German Mediacontrol Charts.

    • Their single, "Join Me In Death", reached #1 on the German Mediacontrol Charts.

    • Their single, "Solitary Man", reached #9 on the UK singles chart.

    • The former members of HIM are:
      -Juippi — Drums (1991-1992)
      -Tarvonen — Drums (1991-1992)
      -Oki — Rhythm Guitar (1992-1996)
      -Antto Melasniemi — Keyboards (1995-1998)
      -Sergei Ovalov — Keyboards (1999 touring only)
      -Juhana Tuomas "Pätkä" Rantala — Drums (1995-1999)
      -Jussi-Mikko "Juska" Salminen — Keyboards (1998-2000)

    • The current members of HIM are:

      - Ville Hermanni Valo - vocals 1991-present
      - Mikko Viljami Lindström a.k.a. Linde or Lily Lazer or Daniel Lioneye - guitar 1991-present
      - Mikko Henrik Julius Paananen a.k.a. Migé Amour - bass guitar 1991-present
      - Janne Johannes Puurtinen a.k.a. Emerson Burton - keyboards 2001-present
      - Mika Kristian Karppinen a.k.a. Gas Lipstick - drums 1999 -present

    • HIM's musical style varies between albums, and even between songs. Therefore the exact genre to which they belong is debated - in particular, the validity of describing their music as "metal", even in the unique context of "love metal". Some of the more common genres applied to their music include:

      Alternative metal Alternative rock Goth metal Goth rock Heavy metal Rock

    • Their song "Join Me In Death" was referring to Romeo and Juliet. Their song "Don't Fear The Reaper" also had reference to Romeo and Juliet.

    • H.I.M. stands for His Infernal Majesty, refering to Satan. As their popularity grew, they had to change their name to HIM because Finnish people couldn't pronounce "His Infernal Majesty", the name was never serious to begin with, and the band was being referred to as Satanist.

    • They have 8 study albums out: Witches and Other Night Fears
      Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666
      Razorblade Romance
      Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights
      Love Metal
      Dark Light Venus Doom
      Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice

  • Quotes

    • Ville: (on when he chose music as a career) I didn't really have an option. The only place I'd worked was my dad's sex shop, and that was pretty sad and boring – all those w****** in raincoats left me seriously depressed. Music was the only other thing that I knew how to do, the only thing that I ever wanted to do.

    • Ville: (on the first time he picked up an instrument) I was about 2 or 3. A friend of our family always had these great parties. There was an Elvis impersonator at one and when he was singing I picked up a bongo drum and started banging it.

    • Ville: (on the first time he sang on stage) I felt like I was going to sh*t my pants. I was always afraid to sing because I was shy and I was meant to be the bass player. I'm still afraid but they make me do it. After a couple of beers, I'm fine. Before, when I played bass, I was at the back somewhere, laughing my ass off. Now I am up front! The first time I sang I wore brown bell bottoms, just in case I really did sh*t my pants.

    • Valo: In almost every interview someone asks what does HIM stand for. I can't even remember our latest lie about that. When Hanson was hot, we said it means Hanson Is Murder. The name doesn't have a particular history. His Infernal Majesty was a totally different band. I think HIM derives from some death metal joke. And it was our protest to Haile Selassie's rastafarian religion, he used to be called His Imperial Majesty. But nowadays because of Linde's hair, we actually might be supporting him.