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Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb

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  • I love Hoda!

    The KLG & Hoda Show is so fun to watch. I watch it everyday, even if it's the next day via laptop. I never miss. I used to love it when Willie G. would fill in for one of the girls. Now, I love when Jenna Bush Hager subs in. She is so adorable, funny, and authentic. That is what I love about the 4th hour, it's so real, fun, and not too serious. I love you Hoda woman!moreless
  • Beautiful Person

    I enjoy her personality so much, but two days of seeing her Spanx is more than needed to be seen. Why the camera crew doesn't tell her to stop and check before she crosses her legs, I don't know. Still, I wish I knew her on a personal level, or, had a friendship like the one she shares with Kathy Lee. They compliment one another so well.