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  • Beautiful Person

    I enjoy her personality so much, but two days of seeing her Spanx is more than needed to be seen. Why the camera crew doesn't tell her to stop and check before she crosses her legs, I don't know. Still, I wish I knew her on a personal level, or, had a friendship like the one she shares with Kathy Lee. They compliment one another so well.
  • Face-Book _PAGE --- Face Book_Page !!!!!

    Dear, Hoda

    I do not watch your show to much but how ever I do have a friend that does. I think at one-time or she heard that you maybe single? I am single and looking to become friends and may-be more with a talk show -host or some one from the media world. I did send a message along to Natalie in regaurds to the same question? I f oyu are please feel free to contact and it is open to 1st come 1st serve basis. I will review all emails and pick who I think I would like best. If you read Face -book page you will under-stand what is going on its a challenge open to all. On there is a pink rose that I send with my Love to do live on the east coast but willing to relocate if need be to do this.. face book- page is Robert kaufman

    Thank you for your time and consideration..moreless