Hogan Sheffer

Hogan Sheffer


6/12/1958, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Mark Wayne Sheffer


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Hogan Sheffer is an American soap opera writer, who made his debut on daytime in 2000 on "As the World Turns." Prior to joining the show, he spent three years at Dreamworks SKG, as the director of screenplay development for Mark Johnson, and was involved in the developing…more


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  • Really bad.

    Originally praised as the savior of "As the World Turns," Hogan Sheffer soon turned into a nightmare that the daytime won't forget that easily.

    In the beginning, everyone was confused with his new techniques of writing and how he gave a breath of life to the show, but soon his writing was revealed to be disastrous. In those few years, Hogan destroyed a legacy. Sadly, that's not where his terror ended. He got a job on "Days of our Lives," where his writing was soon noticed as lacking. People realized that he was writing the same stuff that he did on the first soap, and things went to a really dark place. He got fired again.

    Sadly, ruining two soap operas wasn't enough. The show that had been battling bad writing for a short while, "The Young and the Restless," didn't know what was coming to them when Hogan was announced as a co-head writing. In a matter of months, Hogan's writing destroyed that soap as well. Reasons? It's quite simple: the men were heroes, and the women were either complete sluts or just didn't know how to survive a minute without a man. Character development was forgotten and characters got new personalities, complete with plot points that didn't make sense.

    I can only pray he's fired from "The Young and the Restless" as soon as possible, and that he doesn't find another soap to destroy.moreless