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    • Hok: I wasn't sure if I should take art or my dancing professionally, both of them mean a lot to me and they both take a lot of time. But after last year, I really thought about it really hard and I thought dancing is something you can do while your body functions right, so I think for now I would pick dancing as my main focus, and I would always be doing art on the side. I can do art more professionally when I am older and I can't do the tricks that I do right now.

    • Hok: Possibly, you know, if I had done ballroom, latin, jazz, and contemporary from five years ago, I would have been better. But in reality that's not possible, and if you take that away, what I would have been doing five years ago would have taken some things out of my life that I was doing, so I may have ended as a completely different person.

    • Hok: (About his So You Think You Can Dance partner, Jaimie) Well, she's...OK, everyone knows she's an amazing dancer. She's beautiful, she's used to working with a partner, so I was a little worried if I was going to be good enough support for her, if I'm going to be able to pick it up as good as her. Hopefully, I was able to do alright for her.

    • Hok: (Referring to his experience on So You Think You Can Dance) Yeah, it's learning so much stuff. As a whole I learned something new every week and every day, it's helped me grow as a dancer and as a human being. I think the biggest thing is that it really made me realize how much I love dancing. So yeah, all the things I had from the show are positive.

    • Hok: It was very, very hard actually, because you're really feeling good cause you're dancing with the music, you finish your piece and then all of the sudden they smash you to the ground. It is really hard to take and it's hard cause you're just really feeling good and they knock you down like that, but then again all the stuff they say... they're professionals too and it does make sense.

    • Hok: Well, actually I haven't had a TV since I came to America, which was almost three years ago. I actually don't know anything in the TV world in America, which is pretty funny 'cause I was on a TV show.

    • Hok: (Referring to his final solo routine on So You Think You Can Dance) Well, the day before I did that, I really hurt my back pretty bad, so I was just worried I wasn't gonna be able to do anything. I think I could've done better with my solo, but I feel more like no matter what I did with my solo, the judges had made their decisions already, so it probably wouldn't have changed all that much.