Holly Brisley

Holly Brisley


1/11/1978, Adelaide, South Australia - Australia

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Holly Ann Brisley


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Holly's acting debut began at the early age of 15 when she landed support roles in two different American television movies filmed at Warner Brothers Studios on the Gold Coast. She has worked with director Alex Proyas on the movie Garage Days in the role of Scarlet, a…more


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    • Holly: (on celebrating her first wedding anniversary) We had a massage and a facial treatment that were given to us for our wedding. I told Paul I'd really like to go for a walk in Sydney's Botanic Gardens but, secretly, I'd booked a company to provide a private chef and make a gourmet hamper. When we got to the Botanic Gardens, there was a chef waiting at the gate! We had a three-course picnic overlooking Fort Denison, which is where we got married. Paul had no idea - he was blown away. Then we stayed at a hotel for the night, so it was really nice.

    • Holly: (asked if it was a big decision to leave "Home And Away") It was the end of my contract and I'd always said I only wanted to do 18 months, so they wrote my storylines with that in mind. I guess there wasn't really anywhere else for Amanda to go - she's done pretty much everything. It's actually been nearly two years since I started playing her.

    • Holly: (on her "Home And Away" character Amanda) There's a reason for Amanda being the way she is. She's had a hard life and a tough upbringing, and often doesn't set out to hurt anyone. Really, joining the show and playing Amanda has been great for me!

    • Holly: (on her first kiss) It was a game of Truth or Dare and all the boys were the children of my parents' friends. I ended up kissing all three of them!

    • Holly: (on working with a puppet on "Agro's Cartoon Connection") I think the most difficult part of working with Agro was keeping up with his fast wit and funny comments. He kept us on our toes!

    • Holly: (on the best Christmas present she's ever received) I got a horse when I was about 10. I was a very lucky girl. We called it Bundy.

    • Holly: (what people would be surprised to know about her) That I have coeliac disease, which means I'm allergic to gluten. No bread or pasta for me!

    • Holly: (would she ever appear in her own reality TV show) I probably wouldn't jump at it, but then again, you can never say never.

    • Holly: (if she could go anywhere in the world for a holiday…) I've been to a few countries but still can't find anywhere that beats Australia. I think I'd like to go around Australia.

    • Holly: (on running out of petrol) My mum and I ran out of petrol going to my audition for Agro's Cartoon Connection.

    • Holly: (the worst meal she's ever eaten) It was beef stroganoff that I cooked! Instead of sour cream, I used vanilla yoghurt. It was a complete disaster.

    • Holly: (how she spends a typical Saturday morning) A nice walk along the beach, breakfast in a café and then hanging out with my husband and friends.

    • Holly: (the things in her handbag) My car keys, purse, lip gloss, a bottle of water and some sunglasses.

    • Holly: (health food fanatic or a junk food junkie…) I'm a health food fanatic who loves to splurge on junk food, but only very rarely.

    • Holly: (what she would cook if a guest came for dinner) Probably a roast. They're the best home-cooked meals.

    • Holly: (The first person she ever kissed) It was a game of Truth or Dare. All the boys were the children of my parents' friends. Us girls ended up kissing all three of them.

    • Holly: (The three possessions she can't live without) My photos, my fridge, because I love food and could not imagine life without it! And my car - I live in it most of the time.