Holly Madison

Holly Madison


12/23/1979, Astoria, Oregon, U.S.A.

Birth Name

Holly Cullen



Also Known As

Muffin, The Girls Next Door, Holly Jean Madison, Holly
  • Holly Madison on Holly's World.
  • Holly Madison on Holly's World.
  • Holly Madison on Holly's World.
  • Holly Madison on Holly's World.
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Holly Madison is an actress, consultant, adviser, and reality TV star. Holly was once Hugh Hefner's number one girlfriend. The number one girlfriend had a lot of responsibility. She took care of him and was the girlfriend that got to share a room with Hefner.

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Trivia and Quotes

  • FAKE!!

    You had your "15 mins of fame" not go away.
  • From what I can see I think that Holly is used to getting what she wants, and does not know how to accept no for an answer.

    I think she is being overbearing and selfish when it comes to her and Hef's relationship. She knows better than to try and change a man in his 80's. Good Lord to get married and have a Baby of all things. Don't you think he would of done that if he really wanted to by now at his age? She needs to move on and find true love and not a fantasy. And for the other two Girls being asked to move out after the next season of the show, shows her own insecurities. She needs to grow up and move on. Let Hef spend his later years enjoying himself peacefully. Cannot stand stupid cry baby blondes. I am a blonde and have more respect for myself than Holly will ever have. Let Bridgette and Kendra be. Unless she is so insecure and self centered, which seems to be the case. Bridgette & Kendra have done nothing but be true to them selves and Hef through out the time they have been there.moreless