Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs


12/3/1973, San Diego, CA, USA

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Holly Marie Combs


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Lauralei Combs was only 15 years old when she gave birth to Holly. Holly's parents' marriage only lasted two years. Holly's mother, has worked as an actress and a singer. Her stepfather is a musician. Mother and daughter lived near the beach in San Diego until Holly was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Holz is one of Holly's nicknames.

    • One of Holly's favorite actress is Susan Sarandon. Holly has lots of admiration for Courtney Love too.

    • Holly's favorite actors include Matthew McConaughey and Andy Garcia.

    • Holly's favorite foods include: Coca Krispies, Italian, Cheeseburgers, Bacon, and Salami.

    • A couple of Holly's favorite books are Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic and Ernest Hemingway's The Garden of Eden.

    • Holly was once engaged to Storm Lyndon until their relationship ended in 2001.

    • Holly stands at 5' 2" (1.57 m) tall.

    • Holly is represented by The Gersh Agency. Her publicist is Baker Winokur Ryder. Both are located in Beverly Hills.

    • Holly appeared in the 1994 TV Movie, A Perfect Stranger, as Amanda Hale.

    • In a 1995 interview with the L.A. Times, Holly indicated that she did not want to produce or direct as she didn't have the imagination and would prefer to continue acting instead. Fast-forward 10 years and Holly could be found producing 15 episodes of Charmed.

    • Holly was reportedly fined after she revealed details of the behind the scenes problems leading up to the firing of Shannen Doherty during a TV Guide interview.

    • During its run, the TV series Picket Fences had a scene where Holly took part in an on-camera lesbian kiss. CBS forced the director to alter the lighting during the kiss to avoid controversy.

    • Holly was one of the presenters of the 1999 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

    • Holly was cast in the unaired 1991 CBS pilot, Rockenwagner as Emma Jacobs.

    • In her spare time Holly enjoys horseback riding, gardening and board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble.

    • Holly supports Thursday's Child; A children's charity which provides helplines for at-risk children.

    • Holly's role in Charmed brought her into the public eye and onto the cover of several magazines, including TV Guide in 1998 and 2002 and Seventeen in 2001. In 2002, Holly made a rare appearance semi-clothed on the cover of Stuff Magazine. When she was pregnant with Riley, Holly was featured on the front cover of August 2006 issue of Pregnancy Magazine.

    • Holly has two younger half-sisters whose names are Susie and Cloe.

    • It was not uncommon for Holly to arrive on the set of Charmed like she just crawled out of bed, sporting her PJ's and slippers. While on set, she would look for her orange take mark to know her positioning for the scene.

    • Holly doesn't have a TV in her house.

    • In 1999, Holly was a bridesmaid at Alyssa Milano's wedding.

    • At age 13, Holly became a certified scuba diver.

    • Still living in New York, at eighteen she landed her first major role. David E. Kelley was looking for someone to play Tom Skerritt's daughter on Picket Fences. He passed her over, because he said he was looking for someone with heart. "Then why the hell are you looking in New York?" she spat back at him. He hired her. He sensed conviction to her career.

    • Holly has a total of four tattoos. The first, an Anglo-Saxon design, is on her left wrist and Holly got it when she was fifteen. The second tattoo is a long stem rose on her right shoulder blade. Her third tattoo is a filigree design with a central cross. She had it extended upward on both sides of the cross and towards the sides of her wrist. Last but not least, she has a Black and Blue Butterfly under her right wrist (the same wrist holding tattoo three).

    • Holly is a huge fan of pets. On her land, she has a ranch which holds three horses - Jake, Jezebel and Jesse. Her house is also overrun by numerous other animals, including four fish, four birds, five Dogs, two cats and two rabbits. Holly also owned a turtle prior to the birth of Finley. Her friend inherited the turtle when Holly could no longer keep it due to the risk of salmonella around her baby.

    • Holly is the only actor on the Charmed series to be in every single episode (including the pilot.) Alyssa Milano has been in every episode that aired but Lori Rom played Phoebe in the pilot.

    • For her portrayal of teenager Kimberly Brock on Picket Fences, Holly won a Young Artist Award for: Best Young Actress in a TV series. For that same role, she was nominated for a SAG Award in 1995 and 1996 for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

    • Holly is happily married to former Charmed key grip, David Donoho. They tied the knot on Valentine's Day, 2004. The couple became proud parents when Holly gave birth to their son, Finley Arthur Donoho on April 26, 2004. Holly gave birth to her second son, Riley Edward Donoho, on October 26, 2006, 8 1/2 lbs 19 inches long.

    • Holly had aspirations to follow in her mother's acting footsteps. So, she enrolled in the Professional Children's School, and by the age of 10, was working on TV commercials and magazine ads.

    • Holly (along with actresses Tangi Miller and Alyson Hannigan) is a spokesperson for breast cancer, and appeared in a four page brochure in 2000 (featured in Vogue, Glamour, Self, Mademoiselle, and Women's Sports and Fitness) to raise awareness about the disease.

    • In 2001, Holly made a cameo appearance in the big-time film Ocean's Eleven (in the poker tutorial scene), along with other WB stars, such as 7th Heaven's Barry Watson and Dawson's Creek's Joshua Jackson.

    • Holly's scariest stunt on Charmed was during the filming of A Witch's Tail Part 2, where they tried to drown her. She stated it was cool at first but then she thought they were doing away with her for real.

    • Holly was a vegetarian for seven years. She no longer practices meatless dining. She said she always had cravings and finally gave in and had a cheeseburger.

    • In high school, Holly had dreams, of being a Marine Biologist but when she was cast in her first movie those dreams as she put it, went out the window.

    • Holly's first marriage was a spur of the moment decision. Holly had been intimate with Brian for eight days when they decided to run off to Las Vegas to elope.

    • When Holly was little and just learning to walk she took a spill and hit her head on a table. This is why she has a scar right over her eyebrow.

    • Her husband, David, made Holly a special trophy which said "Best Dismount On A Pleasure Trail." The trophy holds her hospital I.D. bracelet from the time she fell off her horse while riding and was rushed to the emergency room after knocking herself unconscious for a some time. She received a concussion as a result, as well as a fond memory which she shares with all her friends.

    • On Charmed, Holly made $102,000 per episode.

    • Her mom, Lauralei and her stepfather worked nights so Holly spent most of her nights alone while growing up. She feels as though she wants a strong family unit with husband, David, and sons, Finley and Riley, to make up for her childhood.

    • Holly was a smoker since the age of 15. When she became pregnant with her son Finley, she decided to quit, not only for her baby's health, but she couldn't stand the smell of smoke anymore.

  • Quotes

    • Holly: (On shielding her son from the media while she raises him) When I see Reese Witherspoon trying to go to the grocery store with her kids and there are photographers following her it just breaks my heart. I think, 'She's just trying to buy eggs…and you've got to document it for the world.'... ...How do you raise a normal kid when you have to explain that there are strange men in the bushes taking your picture?

    • Holly: (On getting pregnant after removing a uterine fibroid from her reproductive system) After my surgery [doctors] told me it might be really hard for me to get pregnant…but it was really easy for me. It was literally the first time we tried!

    • Holly: (On hiding the symptoms of the first six months of her first pregnancy during filming of the TV series Charmed) I was in absolute amazement about how debilitating tired I was… You could read it on my face when they filmed me... ...They started to incorporate naptimes into my schedule…[and] they spread out my scenes so that I would have breaks in between.

    • Holly: (On Alyssa & Rose's escapades with her baby, Finley) They take him in the makeup trailer and do bad things to his hair. The girls gave him a mohawk the other day. So I can't let him out of my sight for very long.

    • Holly: (On fighting evil and finding hunky boyfriends on the TV series Charmed) I just had to accept the fact that what I do is basically entertainment,... ...It can't be ground-shaking moral dilemmas all the time.

    • Holly: (On if she still talks with her Charmed sisters) Yes! Rose [McGowan] and I went to lunch after I had Riley, and she asked if I was still working out regularly. I said, "Are you kidding me?!" So Rose sent me her trainer! Only a really good girlfriend would do that. She pointed out my wrinkles, too; as you can see, she's almost like a sister! Alyssa [Milano] lives in the neighborhood, so I see her out a lot. Shannen [Doherty] I speak to every two or three months; we call to check up on each other. It's nice - we all spent a very large chunk of our 20s together, and we basically grew up together. We did have a good time on the show, despite all the rumors.

    • Holly: (On if there is a Charmed reunion in the works) If the script was right, and all the girls were available, we'd absolutely do one.

    • Holly: (On what she wants her fans to know about her work ethic) Just that I appreciate my fans for standing by me through thick and thin. My part may be a little thin for the moment, but I promise to make it up to everyone eventually.

      I am a workaholic to the core. But I also will never give my kids to say I was never around enough for them. So once I figure out that formula I'll tweet u.

    • Holly: (On being cast as Lucy Hale's mother in the TV series "Pretty Little Liars") I am not sure how they came up with me. I do know my agent said that I probably wasn't going to want to do it cuz it was the mom of a 16yr. Then I reminded everyone how young my own mother is. So that part didn't freak me out a bit. It is my normal. My mom is only 15 yrs older.

    • Holly: (On adapting the 8 book for the TV series "Pretty Little Liars") I do watch every week and I do know they get better every week. We had a lot of info to get out there with about 20 different characters. This season will encompass all 8 books and then we will have more freedom to explore each of the characters.

    • Holly: (On what it is about her character Ella in the TV series "Pretty Little Liars" that made her choose the project) I can't be at work everyday. Just can't with 3 boys. My being does not allow it. So the and tone of the part appealed to me as did the possibility of being on a show that was this cool. It was almost a little too cool for me with all the issues involved. But I liked that it dealt with kid's issues of today. And that they do that with brutal honesty on all fronts. It is a bit daring and still fun. And If I can be fortunate enough to do 3 shows that resonate with people somehow somewhere…I really couldn't ask for more.

    • Holly: To [stop smoking] was actually really easy because I had already started to cut down. My husband is asthmatic, and he just can't for the life of him imagine why anybody would put smoke in their mouth, so he really helped me to start cutting down.... Then when I got pregnant the smell of other people's cigarette smoke was so heinous to me that it made me not want to have a cigarette ever again. It's kind of like cheating [when] it's so easy to quit because you can't take the smell!

    • Holly: (on her fellow Charmed stars) Rose is modest, but Shannen and Alyssa would change in front of me in a heartbeat. They're talking to you and suddenly the clothes are coming off. I guess it's an actress thing, but I can't talk to you when your tits are hanging out.

    • Holly: (On the mistake of rushing into marriage at 18 after only 8 dates) I thought it was the love of my life, but people change. You need a lot of time to really know someone, not just what they put forth.

    • Holly: (On her big interview with David E. Kelley for Picket Fences) We didn't hit it off. He finally said, "I don't think you're quite right. The character I have written has a really big heart and I just don't think you fit the bill." I was terribly hurt and angry. I thought he was just being mean.

    • Holly: (on the cancellation of Charmed) The WB never treated us well, so we didn't expect a lot of farewell wishes and flowers or cards.

    • Holly: Your faith in yourself is all you will ever have. Don't let anyone take it away from you, ever.

    • Holly: I had a few fibroids removed, and they left me with a Grand Canyon of scar tissue in my uterus. The doctors weren't sure I'd be able to reproduce. I was prepared for a rough road, and then out of nowhere we conceived.

    • Holly: I printed a list of Irish names from the Internet and my husband, Dave, saw Finley on the list. I really liked it but didn't want to scare Dave off with my enthusiasm. So I used a little reverse psychology and let him think it was his idea.

    • Holly: My mother's very proud of the name she gave me. She thought it sounded rhythmically better. It doesn't really make a difference to me what people call me, but since my mother calls me Holly Marie when she's angry, I prefer just my first name.

    • Holly: That's a freaky thing. I did one topless scene when I was 20. There was no thought in my mind that they could freeze that moment into 15 different pictures. The worst, I was thinking, was that stupid guy friends of mine could rewind it and play it again and again.

    • Holly: (On motherhood) It's weird. When you become a mom you just learn how to function sleep deprived and you do get used to it. I came back to work when Finley was three months old and the first few months were rough. Then somehow you learn to exist on no sleep and now when he does upon occasion sleep through the night, which is like a full six hours, you're pretty sure he's suffocating. So you don't sleep anyway.

    • Holly: (Holly on how becoming a parent changes a person, and how it has made her become a better person all around) Now, as an actress and a person, it has completely broadened my horizons because I have such a deep level of empathy for everyone. It opens you up and you're like a bleeding heart. It's funny, because you can such a guarded person in your personal life and try to protect yourself from all these worries and hurts. But when you have a kid, you're suddenly this feeling being. When Finley gets his vaccinations, it kills me, and you can't protect yourself from that. My heart is being ripped out with every shot. It's a deeper level of emotion that I wasn't prepared to feel, but it's completely amazing. It has opened me up both as a person and as an actress. Everything has a deeper meaning now.

    • Holly: There are tons of people I'd like to freeze for all of eternity, but we won't go into that!

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    in the last episode when future piper is reading the back of the book of shadows and told phoebe's kid that one day it would be hers.

    i thought what if the children accidentally re-summoned the demons. the story would continue and the show could back!!