Holly Valance

Holly Valance


5/11/1983, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

Holly Rachel Vukadinovic


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Holly Vukadinovic was born in May of 1983 in Melbourne, Australia to English mother Rachel and Serbian father Ryko. At the age of twelve she became a model, and three years later the crew of Australian soap "Neighbours" approached her to play the part of loveable Felicity 'Flick"…more


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    • Holly (about Neighbours cast): The Neighbours cast is like a second family.

    • Holly: I never kill insects. If I see ants or spiders in the room, I pick them up and take them outside. Karma is everything.

    • Holly (about her future aims): I just don't want to be 35 years old and still popping out songs in miniskirts and la-la-la.

    • Holly (on training for DOA): For four months before filming started we were training six hours a day, every day. Then, towards the end, twice a day. It was kung-fu, weight training and volleyball. It was full-on. The first month, I thought I was going to die. But we were training where all these seven-year-old future Olympians were backflipping over us. It was like, "We're whingeing about doing the splits when this is going on?" It put things into perspective.

    • Holly (on the LA party lifestyle): I'm so boring. If I'm hung over or tired I find that really unprofessional. Not that I'm saying Paris [Hilton] is, but I can't do my best if I'm not rested.

    • Holly (on appearing in Prison Break): I just spent three weeks out in Dallas doing another two episodes for season two. Hopefully I'll be doing some more as well. It was a total boy-club until I came in. I was like: 'Talk to me! Come on!' They're all sort of macho. It's all prison stuff and testosterone, but they're sweethearts and I had a lot of fun.

    • Holly (on meeting Paris Hilton): She's a crazy chick. She was quiet and shy on set, but put her in a nightclub and she's in her element. She's young and having fun. I got to hang out with her a couple of times and she was lovely.

    • Holly (on fighting topless in DOA): I fight topless for about seven seconds, so I wasn' really "umming and ahhing" over it. I thought it was wicked.

    • Holly (on the script for DOA): When I read the script I was so excited. I thought, 'Oh, this is going to be fun! Kids are going to love it!' And I love martial arts, so I was pretty excited to go into heavy training.