Holly Weinert

Holly Weinert


Mildura, Victoria, Australia

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Holly was born in 1987 in Mildura in Victoria, Australia. Before entering the 2007 season of 'Australia Idol'. Holly finished 12th in competition, being eliminated on September 10th, 2007. Prior to entering the reality TV show, Holly worked in a bar in her home town of Mildura.


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    • Holly: (asked who her favorite 'Australian Idol' judge was) Mark, 'cause he has tact. Marcia is lovely too.

    • Holly: (asked which singer - dead or alive - she would most like to perform a duet with) Billie Holiday - in her early days. She's an icon! Not properly trained, but has a voice like chocolate. Love her!

    • Holly: Patience, adaptability and personality are really important aspects of 'star quality.'

    • Holly: (on the day of her "Australian Idol" audition) I was so nervous and when they let me in I was like a stunned mullet!

    • Holly: (asked when she first realised she wanted to become a professional singer ) I was about six years old, I just decided it'd be the best thing. My first concert was George from Play School! I bought an "I Saw George" shirt and wore it EVERYWHERE.

    • Holly: (on her family's reaction to her reaching the finals in "Australian Idol") Dad actually bought me a bunch of flowers, which was really lovely. They were all really, really excited and they wouldn't stop talking about it, I think they were actually more excited than I was about the whole thing.

    • Holly: (on the best bit of advice someone has given her) I shouldn't really write this, but my sister's advice, "Stuff 'em!" helped me get though some hairy moments.