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    • Holly: When Stephen [Mulhern] and I were first talking about what he could do to entertain the guests at my wedding reception, he suggested that he could always saw the bride in half. I don't know if he was joking or not, but I told him that, while I didn't mind him sawing me in half any other time, there was no way he was doing it to me at my wedding! So, instead, he suggested sawing one of my bridesmaids in half, and I kind of liked the idea of that. I think my sister Kelly, who was my chief bridesmaid, was quite surprised at the idea when I asked her if she'd be up for it, but she's a real sport and said she'd give it a go. So she was the one who Stephen sawed in half at the reception, and we've got a really great picture of Kelly up there on stage, sawed in half, with Dan and I stood there between her halves. I guess there aren't many brides out there who can say that they actually walked through the middle of their chief bridesmaid at the reception!