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    • When she appeared on the 29 September 2007 episode of Ant & Dec's Saturday Showdown, she took part in the world premiere of a new version of Sawing a Woman in Half. In the illusion, Holly and her best friend Fearne Cotton, wearing different-coloured costumes, were both sawed in half by magician (and Holly's friend) Stephen Mulhern while locked inside clear-sided boxes that were never covered at all during the illusion. Having sawed both Holly and Fearne in half and seperated their halves, Stephen then reassembled them with their bottom halves switched. When they got out of the sawing boxes at the end of the illusion, Holly was wearing the bottom half of Fearne's costume, and Fearne the bottom half of Holly's. This was the first time that such a "double sawing" had ever been performed using clear-sided boxes.