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    • At the 2007 Royal Variety Performance in London, she assisted magician and illusion designer Franz Harary with a performance of a modified version of the Harary-designed Criss Angel lengthways sawing in half she'd taken part in on This Morning. In this modified version of the illusion, Holly, wearing a silver miniskirt and belly-baring top, was placed in a vertical box with translucent front and rear panels, and from which her hands and lower legs projected at either end all through the illusion. Before the box front was closed, a bright light was switched on behind the box, so that when the front was closed, Holly could still be seen in silhouette within the box. A circular saw was then used to divide the box vertically, passing right through Holly's silhouette from between her legs to above her head. Two large steel divider plates were then inserted through the saw cut, and the box halves pulled apart. With the box halves separated, the front, side and rear panels were opened to show Holly within, cut in two lengthways with the divider plates passing right through her. The box halves were then pushed back together, the front, side and rear panels closed and the dividers removed. The front panels were then opened once more to show Holly back in one piece and apparently none the worse for just having been sawed in half.