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    • Holly: One of the strangest experiences I've ever had, in fact probably the strangest, was when Stephen performed the double sawing in half on Fearne and myself. Usually when he saws me in half, I can still feel my lower half even after he's sawed through me, put the divider blades in, and pushed my halves apart. But, when we did the double sawing, as soon as he sawed through me I lost all feeling from my waist down, which is a very scary feeling. And I didn't feel anything at all below my waist until he took the dividers out again - Except, of course, they weren't my legs I was feeling, but Fearne's. And that was probably the oddest thing of all, getting out of the box, looking down, and seeing Fearne's hips, legs and feet in place of mine. Before the show, Stephen told us that it would feel really strange to be walking around on each other's legs, and he was right. So we were both glad when, after the show, he sawed us both in half again and gave us our own lower halves back.