Hope Davis





3/23/1964 , Englewood, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name




If Parker Posey is the queen of indy cinema, then Hope Davis is the crown princess.

She is the childhood friend of Mira Sorvino with whom she performed plays for their neighbors. Hope attended Tenafly High School in New Jersey and attended the Joffrey Ballet's Summer Programs as a teen. She graduated from Vassar College in 1986. She was married to Ford Evanson from 1987 to 1996 and as of 2007, is married to Jon Patrick Walker with two children, Georgia (2002)and Mae (2005). They live in New York City.

She studied acting with Uta Hagen. She put her stage career into high gear when she replaced Madonna in the Chicago production of Speed the Plow. She also auditioned for Baywatch in 1989. Hope starred in Spinning Into Butter at Lincoln Center on Broadway in 2000.

Her open, expressive face has served her well in romantic comedies like The Daytrippers and the wonderful Next Stop Wonderland and more recently in more visible roles in About Schmidt and American Splendor. In 2005's Proof, she played a supporting role to Gwyneth Paltrow, but the material might have been better served if Davis played the lead role that was originated by Mary-Louise Parker on Broadway.
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