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  • Trivia

    • Horatio performed on Chris Rock's comedy album Bigger and Blacker.

    • Horatio was hired on at Saturday Night Live as a featured player in 1998, and was promoted to a 'cast regular' in 1999. He was let go in 2006, when budget cuts kicked the highest paid actors off the show.

    • Horatio always wanted to be an actor, and would stage plays in his backyard and garage, with a cast of the neighborhood children.

    • Horatio provides the vocals on the CD by Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog's Come Poop With Me. He also appears on the DVD that accompanies the CD.

    • Horatio played a vengeful cook who made his customers think twice before complaining about their food, in 2000's comedy Road Trip.

    • Horatio made his big screen debut in 1994's remake of the Christmas special Miracle on 34th Street, playing the role of a hospital orderly.

    • Horatio didn't have a set of recurring characters that he portrayed on Saturday Night Live, unlike other successful castmates, he proved instrumental as a versatile and dependable player that would fit well into many sketches.

    • Horatio is known for crossing the line and causing a ruckus. He was arrested, and spent time in jail for inciting and suggesting to his audience that they go over to a local politico's home with torches and rocks, ransacking his residence. The Crowd at UCB followed his suggestion, and charged over, causing significant damage.

    • Horatio spent time perfecting his routines with fellow Saturday Night Live cast member Jerry Minor, at the Second City comedy troupe in 1996.

    • Horatio trained with Improv Olympic leader, Del Close. Del is an innovative trailblazer who started the longform improvisational sketch known as 'The Harold'.

    • Horatio co-founded Chicago's improv group 'Upright Citizen's Brigade', and was at the forefront of the city's experimental comedy movement theater.

    • Horatio's impersonation's include: Ozzy Osbourne, Larry Flint, Meatloaf, Jerry Garcia, and Elton John.

    • Horatio's comedic idols are: Eddie Murphy, Redd Fox, John Belushi, and Chris Farley.

    • Those who followed Horatio's work in the theater were disappointed with his mostly background work on his first season on Saturday Night Live.

    • Horatio is the first Latino cast member in Saturday Night Live history.

    • Horatio has been compared comedically to John Belushi.

    • Horatio's favorite movies are: Casino, Scarface, Friday, La Bamba, and Raising Arizona.

    • Horatio's favorite music is rap, his favorite artists are: Ludacris, Nelly, JayZ, and LL Cool J.

    • Horatio is Santos in the 2005 film The Man.

    • He is a Chicago Bears fan.

    • He is notorious for making Saturday Night Live castmate Jimmy Fallon laugh on-screen in several sketches.

  • Quotes

    • Horatio: Eventually, I want to be known for more than 'the funny guy'. I know it's a stretch to say that I can take a romantic lead opposite a Nicole Kidman, or a Julia Roberts, but maybe I could score a role with one of those chicks from America's Next Top Model, Tyra's got them doing all kinds of things.

    • Horatio: Auditioning for Lorne Michaels was surreal for me. I was standing there thinking that 'this is the guy who found Belushi', and almost turned around and walked out. Thankfully I composed myself and gave it all I had, and he laughed.

    • Horatio: I have always found myself to be a funny guy, it just took awhile for the rest of the world to catch on! When I was talking to a group of friends in school, I would be sizing them up, their quirks, their accents, their speech patterns, and when I was ready...I would let them have it. I lost a few friends that way, but ya know what they say, 'forget them if they can't take a joke'.