Horst Buchholz





12/4/1933 , Berlin, Germany



Birth Name

Horst Werner Buchholz




Horst Buchholz was a German actor who reaped success in Hollywood and across Europe. He was born on December 4, 1993 in Berlin to a German father and a Danish mother. At 15, he landed his first role in the theater version of Emil and the Detectives, a German children's classic. At that point, he decided to leave school to refine his acting skills by acting in various theaters in Berlin. His first big role in film was in the 1955 movie Marianne of My Youth. Later that year, he won the Best Actor award in Cannes for his role in the film Sky Without Stars but, he became one of Germany's most established actors for his role in the comedy film Confessions of Felix Krull. Buchholz played the character of Chico in the internationally-acclaimed film, The Magnificent Seven, where he gained his superstar status. He married the actress Myriam Bru in 1958 and they had a son and a daughter. Their son Christopher Buchholz also became an actor. Horst Buchholz died of pneumonia on the March 3, 2003 in Berlin, Germany.