Hosea Chanchez





9/12/1981 , Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Birth Name

Hosea Chanchez




From Hosea Chanchez Official Website:

Hosea Chanchez currently stars as "Malik Wright" on The CW's hit sitcom "The Game," a smart, cutting-edge show about three professional football players and the women tangled up in their lives. Chanchez's acting talent, natural charisma, and instinctive sense of humor have made Malik a truly multidimensional character, a star quarterback who is both a "ladies' man" and a "momma's boy." His portrayal of this brash yet sweet young man faced with sudden success has already won Chanchez notable acclaim and a host of admirers. Hosea also works alongside a stellar cast that includes Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel Robinson, who plays Malik's mother and manager. Behind the scenes is highly-regarded actor/producer Kelsey Grammer who serves as Executive Producer. The CW Network has a history of launching and catalyzing the careers of superstars like Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel. Now with his lead role on "The Game," Hosea Chanchez is on the same successful road that is sure to make him a household name.

Chanchez was born in Montgomery, Alabama, and spent the majority of his childhood between there and Atlanta. He was raised by a loving family who recognized his talents and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. From the moment he sang along to his grandmother's records, Hosea displayed an inherent knack for performance and knew by the age of 10 that he wanted to be an actor. He studied theater in high school and headed to Hollywood soon after graduation. Although he ran into the c rough start many young actors encounter, Chanchez used this time to learn about the entertainment business and develop his skills.

Hosea continued to hone his craft through various s, ultimately found an agent, and began auditioning. He quickly landed the first of approximately 50 commercial bookings, and his career has been running open throttle ever since. Chanchez humbly considers his "big break" the moment he became a working actor and appreciates every day he has on the set. Nonetheless, he is excited to expand his repertoire and resume in the years to come.

Hosea relishes his current comedic role on "The Game," but he has also shown great promise in dramatic roles through his guest appearances on episodic television and his work in film and on stage. His television credits include FX's "The Shield," WB's "Everwood" and "Jack & Bobby," CBS's "Close to Home" and "Navy: NCIS," plus recurring roles on "Robbery Homicide Division" and "For Your Love." He also won a lead part in the film "Rich Quick," and supporting roles in "The Outsider" and "My Brother." Hosea's theater background includes productions of "Royal Oats and Glory," "Shop Life," "The Wiz," and "The Long Walk Home." Chanchez has even made a recent foray into business, starting his own entertainment company, Kelp Productions.

Hosea Chanchez describes the character of "Malik" as his alter-ego. Far from the self-assured, "party boy" athlete he plays, Hosea loves to read, paint, and even write music in his spare time. He also stays well-grounded through constant contact with his family in Georgia. With this combination of strong core values and dynamic acting ability, Hosea Chanchez is destined to light up many more screens in what is an undeniably bright future.
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