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  • Overrated and Obnoxious but still Interesting!

    Very overrated, obnoxious, ugly, rude, crude but still just a very interesting person if you ask me.
    The man that you loved to hate or hate to love
    Either way you put it, still made Monday Night Football the most watched tv show in it's heyday with Frank Gifford the sex appeal & straight man
    Don Meredith was the comic relief
    People tried to do Cosell like Dennis Miller and failed
    But then again, there can be only one Cosell!
  • Just shut up already, Howard! He's been dead for 10 years, but I can still hear him in my sleep. This man may have been the biggest mouth in the history of television.

    There's no doubt that Howard Cosell brought something special to Monday Night Football, but he seemed to take delight in abusing Frank Gifford and Don Meredith and was a beligerent, spoiled child who always had to have his own way.

    When Howard got drunk and then went on the air slurring his words during a Giants-Eagles game during the first season of MNF in 1970, everyone could see that this man had his problems, yet ABC kept playing him up as the star of MNF. But he should have been thankful that Dandy Don and Faultless Frank kept bailing him out because they actually knew something about football. All Howard knew was how to run his mouth and be mean to everyone.