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  • Howard Gordon is one of the best things to happen to TV, ever!

    Howard Gordon, co-creator of The Inside, consulting producer/exec producer/writer on The X-Files, consulting producer/writer on both Angel and Buffy the vampire slayer, and exec producer/show runner of 24, is one of the best minds on TV right now. The Inside was a great, short-loved FOX series, and has much of Howard\\\'s genius in it. Howard worked on The X-Files from 1993-97, arguably the show\\\'s prime (and ironically the creator\\\'s original plan was just four seasons). I have heard very good things about Angel and Buffy. And, well, his work on 24 speaks for itself. He is the showrunner of the best series on television.

    Howard Gordon understands what good TV is, and I sure am glad to be living in his era. In my opinion, Howard Gordon deserves to be mentioned in the likes of Aaron Spelling and Jerry Bruckheimer as great TV producers (in the likes of, I wouldn\\\'t say he\\\'s as good as them yet, because he hasn\\\'t been going that long). And the best thing: he\\\'s only 45. If he keeps it going we could have 20-30 more great years of TV! Cheers to Howard Gordon, and may he continue his great success!